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5th day of flouting CM’s order in Patiala

5th day of flouting CM’s order in Patiala

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in News/ May 25,2024

Today, May 25,2024 is the fifth day of flouting CM’s order by private schools in Patiala. On Monday, May 20,2024, Punjab government had ordered the closure of all government, private, aided schools in Punjab from May 21 to June 30,2024 due to the inclement weather conditions.

“It seems private schools Principals of Patiala are more powerful than a deputy commissioner or a sub-divisional magistrate or a district education officer as they don’t bother to adhere the govt orders “said a teacher whose school is calling them during these ongoing summer holidays.

Another school teacher said “our school has called us till Saturday (May 25,2024) from the first day of summer vacations with an order that they can call us from Monday onwards also, depending upon the situation.”

Another teacher said “ our school has already planned activities for Monday itself. Means, we have to go to school on Monday also i.e. on the seventh day of summer vacations.”

A school right under the nose of district administration is working and has called their teachers to attend the school, even after five days of the beginning of summer vacations.”

Many schools have asked the students to attend the online classes. A parent said what the meaning of holidays if my child has to attend the online classes. The problem is only a few, sometimes 2-4 students out of a class of around 35-40 students attend the online class. What is the fun of having online classes in vacations when students are not attending?

5th day of flouting CM’s order in Patiala
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Even schools has planned physical parent teachers meeting on but later changed it to online mode.

Another teacher said “ its not a rocket science to check the presence of teachers in the school. The authorities can come and check the attendance register, CCTV footage, parking areas, if they really want. But, the administration calls the principal and they simply convey that no teachers are called and befooled the administration. Moreover these are reputed schools and management has links in political, administrative circles. So the administration avoids taking strict action against them.  ”

An officer of the district administration said “ the administration or the deputy commissioner can act only when a complaint by a parent or a teacher is made.” When questioned “has the administration given any contact, complaint number to the public to lodge their grievances, he said no such number is available but they can contact the DEO office or the district administration.” When asked the information of schools opened are already shared with education department but they failed to take any action against these reputed schools, he said “ we will look into it.”

The apathy of the district education department can be gauged from the fact that the deputy DEO on Friday said “ we are sending the teams to check the schools who are defying govt orders. When reminded that the schools timings are changed by the govt and are functioning till 11-11:30 am than who will attend the DEO office team at private schools reaching after lunch time”. He had no words to speak.

5th day of flouting CM’s order in Patiala.No officer of district education department is contacted today due to early morning reporting and a govt holiday.


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