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All India Lawyers Union resolves to defend the fundamental rights of the citizens

All India Lawyers Union resolves to defend the fundamental rights of the citizens

Bahadurjeet Singh /Rupnagar

All India Lawyers Union(AILU) has resolved to make all out efforts to defend the fundamental and democratic rights of the citizens as enshrined in constitution including freedom of expression,secularism,equality before law and right to life and liberty.

A resolution to this effect was passed during an extended meeting of the executive of Punjab unit of AILU held at Rupnagar.The meeting was presided over by the state president of AILU advocate Tara Singh Chahal. The meeting was attended by state general secretary Sarbjit Singh and other senior office bearers and members.

The AILU felt that there was great need to check and abort all attempts to dilute the basic structure of the constitution of India by communal forces as the lawyers are not only the part and parcel of the judicial system but they have the responsibility to protect the rights of the people.

The AILU demanded effective implementation of Punjab Advocates We4lfare Fund Act passed by Punjab government and to enhance the insurance amount for lawyers and provide stipend for new enrolled advocates upto at least five years.

All India Lawyers Union resolves to defend the fundamental rights of the citizens

The Union also demanded that only the lawyers be appointed as presiding officers of Tribunals,Permanent and other Lok Adalats. It also stressed upon to stop the appointment of retired judges as presiding officers of these bodies.

The union resolved that a minimum 3 years of practice at Bar should be made necessary requirement for the appointment of new judicial officers.

AILU also urged the Punjab government of Punjab to bring the Punjab Village Common Lands Act and Panchayati Raj Act under the preview of the civil courts.It also demanded that independent  courts should be constituted deal with the revenue cases relating to mutations,correction of khasra girdawaris,partition of land etc.

The meeting also demanded that fare representation should be given to all the districts in Punjab,Haryana and Chandigarh in the Punjab and Haryana Bar Council and for this purpose the union suggested the carving out of constitution for Bar Council elections by considering one district one constituency.

The Union also passed various other resolutions during the meeting.

May 9,2022


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