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Awarded SMO transferred on staff complaint

Awarded SMO transferred on staff complaint

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

Health and Family welfare principal secretary Hussan Lal has issue the transfer orders of senior medical officer (SMO) Samana Dr Karamjit Singh to CHC Fazilka, after the staff, working under him at the Samana Civil Hospital, who had complained against Dr Karamjeet Singh, few days ago.

Few days ago, in a written complaint to the health minister, the staff alleged that the senior medical officer (SMO) Samana Dr Karamjit Singh took duty rounds at the hospital in an inebriated condition and demanded money from them. “He asks for money from the staff. He threatens to get us transferred if we fail to give him money,” the staff stated in the complaint.

Whereas Dr Karamjit Singh, who is on his way to Fazilka, to join his new place of posting, said all allegations were baseless. “I have recently been awarded by the department for my work during the Covid pandemic. The complaint against me is out of vendetta because I have stopped the staff from indulging in illegal activities. I tirelessly worked hard during the Covid pandemic. I had done the highest sampling and awarded by the Civil Surgeon Patiala. I even kept standing at Nakas. No death at L-2 facility is recoded at Samana.”

He said, “it’s not a punishment posting, where ever Punjab govt needs my services, I shall be available for it.  I am not afraid of transfer orders, as i am already on my way to join my new place of posting. I will not allow my staff to indulge in unlawful practices inside hospital, wherever I go” Dr Karamjeet Singh further added.

He added that “i’m a Corona Warrior, dedicated officer. I even reside in the hospital. I have affidavit against my junior staff. As i don’t want to bring a bad name to my department, i asked them to mend their ways. But they kept on doing illegal works, to which i objected and they made a false complaint against me.”

Awarded SMO transferred on staff complaint

July 7,2021


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