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Ayurveda, The Science of life, always pay emphasis on “Aahar”-Food Habits- Vaidya Vandna

Ayurveda, The Science of life, always pay emphasis on “Aahar”-Food Habits- Vaidya Vandna

Vaidya Vandna Vats

“”ॐ धन्वंतराये नमः॥”

Ayurveda , The Science of life, always pay emphasis on “Aahar” i.e. Food Habits. 6th National Ayurveda Day,2021 has Theme “AYURVEDA FOR NUTRITION”

Our Panchtatva shariram(Physical Body) is inseparable from surrounding cosmos. In order to be healthy One should be in harmony with atmosphere and formulate a diet as per body type( prakriti), vital humors (vat, pitt and kaph) and seasons( ritucharya).

“” आहारं अग्निमूलं  च देहधारणं  इति।””

“अह्यिते अन्ननलिकाया यत्तदाहारः।”

Food is the taking in of substances through food pipe and is the base of digestive fires which produces energy. This energy governs the bodily processes vital breath ( प्राण वायु), positive immune system (ओज) and all intelligence (तेज) in body. Nutrition is a sum total of all biochemical and physiological processes that help in growth, metabolism, repair and reproduction. It provides energy and vital nutrients.

As per ancient science food is said to work by its live qualities which are:

1–Ras —— मधुर, (sweet,), अम्ल( sour),लवण( salty),कटु,(bitter), तिक्त ( pungent),कषाय (Astringent)

2– Virya ( Active potency, उष्ण और शीत वीर्य)

3–Vipak ( post digestive effect)

4—Prabhav(pharmacological effect)

Four types of food ,अशित, पीत, लीढ ,खादित, should be consumed as per seven norms, कल्पनाए।

Ayurveda, The Science of life, always pay emphasis on "Aahar"-Food Habits- Vaidya Vandna

आत्मवान् स्वभावसंयोगसंस्कार मात्रा  देशकालोपयोगव्यवस्था सप्ताहारकल्पनाविशेषाणां।

1—Nature (स्वभाव) some food are laghu( light ) by nature which are easily digestible and can be consumed throughout the year. e.g.Shali rice, mong dal, sky water, sendha namak ,haritki, hiran and lava bird’s flesh. Guru or hard to digest food products are milk and its products,  gur, urad dal, pig flesh ,red meat .

2—-Combination of food(संयोग) combination of food is very important for well being. Like honey and ghee taken separately act as nectar but when consumed together become poison. Salt and milk is also bad combination.

3—Making of food ( संस्कार) method of making food can change its basic nature like curd itself is guru but after churning it becomes buttermilk which is laghu and easily digestible.

4—Quantity of food (मात्रा) quantity of consumed food is most important. Always eat food as per one’s own digestive fires (अग्निबल) Two parts of stomach should be filled with dal, grains, roti ,rice, and vegetables.  One part with liquids, water ,milk etc. and remaining 1/4 should be kept empty for Vat, Pitt ,Kaph and their functions.

5— Local geographical climate (देश) Always eat food which is traditional , familiar and in practice with respect to your own birth place.

6—Seasons (काल) Sun is the prime source of energy. India is blessed to have all six seasons  in a year . Digestion and strength of an individual vary from season to season as per the rays of Sun from Uttarayan to Dakshinayan .So a dietary change is advisable as per ritucharya.

7— Management of food ( उपयोगव्यवस्था)

—Practice minimum consumption of food and avoid left over.

—-Warm food kindles agni and avoid eating raw food except salads.

—-Spices like cumin, black pepper etc make food compatible and balance adverse actions.

—–Most important is to eat food  with relax and calm mind .Ayurveda always emphasizes to pray and be thankful before eating. Stay calm and do not eat with overpowering emotions such as stress, anger and grief. These emotions hampers digestion and hence  root cause of all ailments.

“अनुपश्चात् पीयते यत् तत् अनुपानम्”

The liquid taken with or after food is anupan. It hydrates all buildings blocks of body, eyes, skin, senses , generates strength and energy .

WATER  is always advised to take in small quantities with food.Warm water is laghu and stimulates digestion. Before meals it increases kaph dosh and hampers जठराग्नि। Just after meals it causes obesity and weakness as it dilutes nutrients.

MILK   Cow milk is good ,energetic, and aphrodisiac. Milk is best recommended at night and only milk is advisable as dinner.It balances all undigested and acidic  food taken during day time. Helps to have a good sleep.

AYURVEDA believes in holistic health and harmony of an individual. Its not only a pathy but a complete science.Ayurveda, The Science of life, always pay emphasis on “Aahar”-Food Habits- Vaidya Vandna

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं,

आतुरस्य विकारप्रशमनम् च।

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