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Basant Panchami Fervour in DAV School Patiala

The festival associated with onsetting of spring season, marking new beginning – ‘Basant Panchami ‘ was celebrated with great Festive Fervour in DAV Patiala premises.

The day was also auspicious as a special ‘Vedic Hawan’ was Organised to invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.Later Rajneet Kaur recited Saraswati Vandana and Basant Raag to specify the day.

Basant Panchami Fervour in DAV School Patiala

The school premises decked with Yellow flowers, Kites was presenting a bright picturesque view. Around 1000 students from Pre – Primary to IV classes and staff members wearing bright yellow hues were adding more charm. To highlight the relevance of the day delicacies such as Yellow rice, Meetha Ladoo, Dhokla were brought in students’ tiffins altogether sharing love and Food.

To add more fun to the celebration students of classes III to IV were made to twist their feet on the melodious songs connected with Basant such as ‘Aya Basant Jhoom Ke…..’, ‘Basant Bahar’, ‘Purva Suhani…….’.

Principal S. R. Prabhakar while congratulating everyone on the occasion quoted that, “The Festival of Basant Panchami symbolizes prosperity, Light, energy and optimism. It is festival which marks the ending of winter season, when cool breezes are replaced with ushers of fresh air, similarly it motivates us to forget the bitterness and to welcome the new beginnings with open heart and it is the best season to rejuvenate ourselves.



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