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Bhagwant Mann’s remarks about the Governor are a violation of the Constitution -Ajayvir Singh Lalpura

Bhagwant Mann’s remarks about the Governor are a violation of the Constitution -Ajayvir Singh Lalpura

Bahadurjeet Singh/ Rupnagar,February 14, 2023
Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann’s remarks on the Governor from his social media accounts yesterday are highly condemnable and disrespectful to the Constitution of India, for which the Governor should take strict action against the State Government. These words were expressed by district BJP president Ajayvir Singh Lalpura.

“On what basis is Bhagwant Mann saying that he is not answerable to the Governor? It is 100 per cent correct that the people of the state have elected the government, but the office of the Governor has its own important status in the Constitution of India and thus it is not logical to issue a comment in an irresponsible manner.”,he said.

Lalpura advised Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann not to chant his ragas at all times, if he did not read the Constitution of India, then he must read it once, according to which Article 154 says that the executive power of the state is vested with the Governor and will be exercised by him either directly or by the officers under him in accordance with the Constitution. Under Article 167, it is the duty of the Chief Minister of every state to inform the Governor of all decisions relating to the management of the affairs of the State and the proposals for the Legislature.

He advised the Chief Minister to read articles 153 to 164, 166, 167, 171, 174, 175, 176, 192, 200, 201 to 207, 213, 217, 219, 356, 361, 239, 243I, 243Y, 371D, 371E, which are directly related to the Governor.

Bhagwant Mann's remarks about the Governor are a violation of the Constitution -Ajayvir Singh Lalpura

Moreover, he said that there is a rule of law in India i.e. nothing above the law and the Constitution and when the  Governor has such important powers, then inspired from which country Bhagwant mann is making such comments. What’s more, the position that administered the oath of office to Bhagwant Mann as the Chief Minister also belongs to the Governor.

Moreover, if Bhagwant Mann says that the issues raised by the Governor are within the jurisdiction of the State, then also look at the three lists of Schedule 7 of the Constitution of India that education is included in the Concurrent List and the Governor had sought information about the method of selection of school principals to Singapore.  Similarly, the question asked by the Governor on the appointment of Vice-Chancellor is also his domain as the Governor acts as the Chancellor of government universities of the state under his special powers and it is also his jurisdiction to make appointments of Vice-Chancellors. So Bhagwant Mann should increase the legal information well and then speak with humility.
He demanded that president’s rule should be imposed in the state as the Punjab government has failed to lift Punjab financially and now the people are being misled only by making absurd statements, while the debt on the  state is still alive.

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