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BT Cotton seeds,Beware of Spurious Seed Dealers-DC

BT Cotton seeds,Beware of Spurious Seed Dealers-DC

With the cotton sowing season on anvil, the Punjab government has directed the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) and the agriculture department Punjab has laid out action plan to control population of white fly.

Taking serious note of the Bt seeds from Gujarat reaching markets, Deputy Commissioner Mr Diprava Lakra appealed farmers to beware of the spurious Bt seed dealers that sell PAU non-recommended varieties. He also directed the police chief to take strict legal action against those who indulge into such practices. He added that no Bt cotton variety has been developed so far that is resistant to all kinds of pests and diseases.

BT Cotton Seeds:Beware of Spurious Seed Dealers-DC

Chief Agriculture Officer Dr Gurditta Singh Sidhu stated that farmers should sow only PAU recommended variety. He added that working to create awareness on issue, the department is distributing pamphlets, flexes, holding farmer training camps and is also spreading awareness through radio and print media.

He added that the PAU recommended varieties face lesser attack of pests and diseases as these have been tested scientifically. He stated that some anti social elements and Gujarat dealers are spreading rumors that the Gujarat seeds are resistant to all kinds of diseases including white fly.

Dr Sidhu added that during constant checking, the staff has come across reports of farmers who have bought seeds from Gujarat. He called upon the farmers to use only PAU recommended varieties and not sow non-recommended varieties. He added that the non-recommended varieties are prone to pest and diseases attacks and the same can add to the economic burden of farmers. He appealed the progressive farmers and clubs to sensitize farmers in their villages against such anti social elements and stay alert.


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