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Capt led Govt should call for an all Party meet-NSCA

Capt led Govt should call for an all Party meet-NSCA

Chandigarh-The situation in the doaba region of Punjab is day by day deteriorating due to the incident which happened in Phagwara last week. The circumstances in the city are volatile and people are in continuous fear of violence and oppression. In the wake of the incident, Captain Amrinder Singh led Congress Govt should call for an All Party meeting immediately, so as to resolve the rising tension in the area and find a peaceful and collective decision to tackle the problem, said Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a socio-political organization working for the Scheduled Castes community in Punjab.

Kainth further reiterated that “ The situation of law & order in Punjab has been on the decline and instances of caste based violence have increased manifold under the present Congress regime and it is high time that Captain Amrinder should take a serious look into the condition of his government in the State. He should take this issue and enquire into the reason behind such incidents very seriously. Caste based violence are a hindrance to the development and unity of the society and this cannot be taken lightly.”

Captain led Govt should immediately call for an All Party meet – NSCA

Kainth said “All the political parties should further rise above the vote bank politics and try to mend the ever increasing distance between the relations of Scheduled Castes community and the general community.

National Scheduled Castes Alliance will try to help anyone affected in the incidents through its reach and will also provide assistance if required to mend the situation in the area.



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