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Chitkara International School pictures the “Saga of Needle &Thread” at its 9th Annual Event

Chitkara International School pictures the “Saga of Needle &Thread” at its 9th Annual Event

Jasbir Kapoor/ royalpatiala.in/ Chandigarh

Chitkara International School, Sector 25 West, Chandigarh celebrated its 9th annual day function named “Fabrica – The Saga of Needle & Thread”. The six-day long event which culminated today with a mega event today portrayed the evolution of different textiles and fabrics those originated in different parts of the world. Through the theme, “Fabrica”, various aspects of textiles like advantages and disadvantages of using various fibres, natural and man-made fibres, environment-friendly fibres, and optimum usage of the same were exhibited through captivating plays, songs and dance performances that were prepared well in advance by the students of Chitkara with the help of talented dance instructors and choreographers.  Every performance invariably ended on a social note and imparted the social message of donating clothes, recycling non-biodegradable fabrics, and reusing various fibres.

Chitkara International School pictures the “Saga of Needle &Thread” at its 9th Annual Event

Discussing about disparate fabrics viz. hemp, jute, polypropylene, velvet, silk, nylon, rayon, viscose, cotton, etc, the 1800 plus students of Chitkara International School participated in diverse and significant roles to make the event a grand success and, collectively shared exhaustive details of each fabric i.e. from its procurement to its production. The props for the function were designed from “Best out of the Waste” by the students with the help, and under the supervision of teachers. Some fibres like jute and linen were interestingly used as dance props themselves. The various squads (clubs) of the school contributed towards the event by covering different details of the theme like the ‘origin’, ‘utility’, ‘cost-benefit analysis’ and ‘environmental value’ of a fibre . Each of the mentioned details were thoroughly explained to the students prior to the preparations.

Chitkara International School is widely known for applying hybrid teaching methodology and adopting unique, utilitarian mechanisms in its teaching. Hence, the annual function was skillfully taken as a tool by the school to impart knowledge through blended learning as the theme exhibited the plainly-studied academic discourse of ‘Fibre to Fabric’ in a distinctive manner. ‘Fibre to Fabric’ is an integral part of academic curriculum that is covered in NCERT books & syllabus for Grade 1 to Grade 10.

Also well-known for its grandeur and magnificence, the school left no stone unturned in embellishing its campus in a manner that most pertinently displayed its annual function theme – ‘Fabric’. The entrance to its campus itself portrayed knitting needles partially submerged in a beautiful yarn. Every nook and cranny of the school had been subtly decorated with an item relevant to the theme. However, the highlight of the event remained the gigantic motorised backdrop of the stage that was delicately covered in various colourful fibres and encompassed an aerodynamic display of fabric.

The function that transpired over a period of 6 days with different grades (kindergarten onwards) performing on different days, interesting facts related to widely loved fabrics such as Kullu Shawls, Bandhni Duppattas, Phulkaris & Gotta Pattis were made known to the audience.  From jute being used in making carpets and area rugs to velvet being used for adorning animals, usage of different fabrics in various formats was tactfully shown.

Over the past week, the school has witnessed the noteworthy presence of many pan-industry eminent personalities who graced the function as the honourable chief guests. The school has been time and again appreciated for the leading role that it has been playing in providing a truly enriching environment to the students and making them future-ready.

Addressing the stakeholders of the school, the well-read Principal Dr Niyati Chitkara articulated, “Annual Event for CIS is the proud celebration of the school’s evolving course of educational fineness. Everyone at Chitkara believes in evoking the interest of learners through relatable teaching mechanisms. I feel especially proud for the fact that Chitkarians have developed and continue to develop the sweet affinity for knowledge & research. Having such inspiring personalities and inimitable mentors amongst us has only made the experience and celebrations better and sweeter.”



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