Home Election 2024 Congress vision welfare-centric, unlike BJP ‘jumlas’: Tewari

Congress vision welfare-centric, unlike BJP ‘jumlas’: Tewari

Congress vision welfare-centric, unlike BJP ‘jumlas’: Tewari
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Congress vision welfare-centric, unlike BJP ‘jumlas’: Tewari

Bahadurjeet Singh/Chandigarh,May 7,2024

Senior Congress leader and the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) candidate from Chandigarh parliamentary constituency Manish Tewari today said that unlike the BJP’s “jumlas”, the Congress vision was welfare-centric touching all sections of the society including the youth, the women, the labourers and workers and the farmers.

The former union minister also said that after the completion of the third phase of polling, it was now more than clear that the BJP had already been cleansed out and the formal announcement will be made on June 4 once the votes are counted. “The writing is on the wall that BJP is on the way out”, he remarked.

Interacting with the residents, businessmen, traders, shopkeepers, government and private employees during his ‘padyatra’ in Sector 35, Tewari spelt out some of the guarantees the Congress has promised for the people of the country, particularly relating to providing jobs to unemployed and regular monthly monetary assistance to the poor families.

The ‘padyatra’ was organized by councilor Prem Lata and AS Gujral. Tewari was accompanied by Chandigarh Congress president HS Lucky, councilors Damanpreet Singh and Jasveer Singh Bunty, Ravinder Kaur Gujral and others.

He disclosed that the unemployment in the country right now was highest in 45 years. He said, under the ‘pehli naukri pakki’ (first guaranteed job) scheme, every fresh graduate and diploma holder across the country will get one year apprenticeship with a guaranteed income of Rs one lakhs. He said, with 70 crore unemployed people in the country, only such radical and revolutionary measures can help and only the Congress and INDIA can do it together.

The INDIA candidate said that every poor family across the country will receive Rs 8500 per month. The amount will be directly deposited in the bank account of the eldest lady member.

Congress vision welfare-centric, unlike BJP ‘jumlas’: Tewari

He observed that only such measures where the benefit is target oriented can help in providing relief to people. He said, during the last ten years, people have only seen backbreaking price rise and widespread unemployment and the BJP still does not have anything to offer to ameliorate the suffering of people, other than deliver ‘jumla after jumla’.