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Covid-19 update; cases less than 4K; deaths crosses 14k in Punjab

Covid-19 update; cases less than 4K; deaths crosses 14k in Punjab

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

As per health department official’s 3914 positive cases in Punjab, after the release of yesterday’s media bulletin at 8:00 pm. Yesterday 4124 cases were reported in Punjab. With these 3914 new cases the tally rose to 556084 cases, as per health bulletin released at around 9:15 pm today.

Covid-19 update; cases less than 4K; deaths crosses 14k in Punjab Today 178 deaths are reported in Punjab and total deaths tally reaches at 140014.

Today 5995 patients were discharged in Punjab, and the cured patients tally reaches at 493854. Total active cases in Punjab are 48231.

Covid-19 update; cases less than 4K; deaths crosses 14k in Punjab

Department of Health & Family Welfare, Punjab Media Bulletin COVID-19 27th May 2021 (05:00 PM) Details of Samples and Cases:-

1Total Samples taken9001438
2Sample collected on the day75698
3Test conducted on the day72104
4Total No. of patients tested Positive


5No. of patients discharged493854
6Number of active Cases48231
7Total Deaths reported14004
8No. of Patients on oxygen support5809
9Patients at critical care Level-3 facilities943
10Patients who are critical and on ventilator support358
11Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 1st dose on the day341


Total Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 1st dose189380
13Frontline Workers vaccinated with 1st dose on the day4753
14Total Frontline Workers vaccinated with 1st dose691622
15Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 2nd dose on the day52
16Total Healthcare Workers vaccinated with 2nd dose97822
17Frontline Workers vaccinated with 2nd dose on the day592
18Total Frontline Workers vaccinated with 2nd dose152175
19COVID-19 Vaccinated with 1st dose on the day

(Healthcare + Frontline Workers)

20COVID-19 Vaccinated with 2nd dose on the day

(Healthcare + Frontline Workers)

21Total COVID-19 Vaccinated with 1st dose

(Healthcare + Frontline Workers)

22Total COVID-19 Vaccinated with 2nd dose

(Healthcare + Frontline Workers)

23Above 45 Vaccinated with 1st dose on the day9921
24Total Above 45 Vaccinated with 1st dose2765111
25Above 45 Vaccinated with 2nd dose on the day3755
26Total Above 45 Vaccinated with 2nd dose467139
2718-44 years age group Vaccinated with 1st dose on the day6954
28Total 18-44 years age group Vaccinated with 1st dose445059
29Total Vaccination 1st dose on the day21969
30Total Vaccination 2nd  dose on the day4399
31Total Vaccination 1st  and 2nd dose on the day26368

 On 27th May 2021 

1.Number of New patients admitted in ICU2


2.Number of New patients put on ventilator support8

( Ludhiana-8)

3.Number of New patients discharged5995

( Amritsar-400, Barnala-61, Bathinda-544, Faridkot-106, Fazilka-361, Ferozpur-66, FG Sahib-187, Gurdaspur-211, Hoshiarpur-201, Jalandhar-553, Kapurthala-81, Ludhiana-834, Mansa-196, Muktsar-593, Pathankot-244, Patiala-251, Ropar-109, Sangrur-267, SAS Nagar- 654, SBS Nagar-55, Tarn Taran- 21)

4.Number of New deaths reported178

(Amritsar-13, Barnala-7, Bathinda-13, Faridkot-15, FG Sahib-3, Fazilka-11, Ferozpur-12, Gurdaspur-9, Hoshiarpur-2, Jalandhar-12, Kapurthala-7, Ludhiana-17, Mansa-6, S.A.S Nagar -4, Muktsar-7, Pathankot-7, Patiala-12, Ropar-3, Sangrur-13, SBS Nagar-2, Tarn Taran-3)


 Patients reported Positive on 27th May 2021- 3914

DistrictNumber of CasesPositivityCase DetailsRemarks
Ludhiana4113.27%24 Contact of Positive Case, 72 New Cases (OPD), 204 New Cases (ILI), 111 New Cases———-
Jalandhar4015.43%401 New Cases———-
Bathinda34410.15%32 New Cases (ILI), 312 New cases———-
Muktsar3139.81%313 New Cases———-
SAS Nagar2788.35%278 New Cases———-
Patiala2756.83%50 Contact of Positive Case, 225 New Cases———-
Fazilka2317.88%95 Contact of Positive case, 37 New Cases (ILI), 99 New cases———-
Kapurthala2018.20%201 New Cases———-
Amritsar1994.28%199 New Cases———-
Faridkot1565.96%156 New Cases———-
Mansa1484.00%148 New cases———-
Gurdaspur1373.51%18 Contact of Positive case, 1 New Case (ILI), 118 New cases———-
Pathankot1355.05%135 New Cases———-
Hoshiarpur1253.34%87 Contact of Positive Case, 19 New Cases (ILI), 19 New Cases———-
Sangrur1115.87%15 Contact of Positive Case, 62 New Cases (ILI),  34 New Cases———-
Ferozepur1005.18%100 New Cases———-
Ropar988.89%98 New Cases———-
Tarn Taran574.28%57 New Cases———-
FG Sahib563.85%56 New cases———-
Barnala507.47%50  New Cases———-
Moga495.21%49 New cases———-
SBS Nagar391.75%4 New cases (ILI), 35 New Cases———-
On the Day Punjab39145.43% 

 Cumulative Cases: –



S. No.DistrictTotal Confirmed CasesTotal Active CasesTotal CuredDeaths
2SAS Nagar65761433260526903
18SBS Nagar109105969997317
19FG Sahib79188396851228
21Tarn Taran73516556396300

*From Fazilka 16 Repeat case entries excluded.

*From Pathankot 35 Repeat case entries excluded.

*From SBS Nagar 1 Repeat case entry excluded.

*From Kapurthala 7 Repeat case entries excluded.

*From Moga 1 death case entry excluded.

May 27,2021


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