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First aid seminar at Rayat Bahra Patiala Campus

First aid seminar at Rayat Bahra Patiala Campus

PATIALA: Bahra Institute of Pharmacy organised an awareness programme on First Aid, disaster management and fire management on the campus here today.

Kaka Ram Verma, Traffic Marshall and District Training officer (Retd) from Red Cross Society, educated the students of the Rayat Bahra Group about various first aid techniques during road accidents, common health conditions like heart attack, epilepsy etc. and fire accidents.

He demonstrated how to handle fractures, arrest bleeding and performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). He believed and embedded this thought in the students that this small effort will make them learn to safeguard their own health and help others in case of any emergency.

Principal of Law College, Dr Sarita Jand, Principal of Pharmacy Harbans Singh, Head of Department (Pharmacy)  Junaid presided over the seminar. Other faculty members, drivers, helpers were also present.

Dr Piush Verma, Campus Director, said that teaching First Aid to the students provides them with the essential skills that can be life saving. Natural and manmade calamities can occur at anytime. Frequency of these calamities has increased significantly over the past ten years.

First aid seminar at Rayat Bahra Patiala Campus

He said realizing this Rayat Bahra Group of Institutes, Patiala Campus had taken an initiative to make its students well informed about the importance of first aid service.

Gurvinder Singh Bahra, Chairman, RBGI, lauded the efforts put in by the Patiala Campus staff in this life saving endeavour. Bahra said, “First aid is not only about life saving techniques. First aid is an act of humanity showing willingness to save lives with full respect for diversity and without discrimination.”



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