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Foreign student received her Degree as per wish-GNDU

Foreign student received her Degree as per wish-GNDU

Amritsar – Foreigner student who wished to seek Degree in postponed 44th Annual Convocation has received her Degree here today. The required fee for Degree in absentia has been paid by the Registrar of the University from his own resources.

Registrar clarified that the said graduate had not approached any of the senior authorities for obtaining the degree however has been trying to obtain a job in the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. He said that as per the rules and regulations of the University, if the degree is to be obtained in absentia, fee has to be paid to the university.

Foreign student received her Degree as per wish-GNDU

Keeping in view the hardship faced by the student the Registrar chose to pay the fee on behalf of the graduate from his own resources. He, however, stated that the University officers are custodians of the finances and property in which the students are the major stakeholders, as such the rules for the politically influential, contacts of the university employees, foreign nationals or otherwise are the same. Any discretion tantamount to putting the burden on other students and also squeeze in the finances which would hinder in providing the best services to the students. The rules have been followed in letter and spirit for the last 6 months and no discretion has been used in any of the cases so far and will not be used in any other cases in future also. The primary duty of the officers of the University is to act in the interest of students which they will ensure in the best possible manner.




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