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Heart ailments no longer elderly disease now; Expert

Heart ailments no longer elderly disease now; Expert

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

“Heart ailments are no longer the disease of elderly. Due to rise in sedentary lifestyle and factors such as obesity, stress and consumption of junk food, the cardiac issues in young are becoming more rampant,” said Dr Rohit Mody director cardiology at Max Hospital Bathinda during addressing a press conference here on the heart care awareness ahead of World Heart Day on Saturday.

Dr  Mody further said that people often complain of pain, pressure or heaviness in the chest that indicates angina, pain in the jaw, the left shoulder, arms, elbows, or back, shortness of breath, cold sweat, nausea and fatigue, light-headedness or fainting. All these symptoms may vary from person to person, as some may experience more than one symptom and patients present to us at different stages of the disease.

The people of Malwa region are no longer to go to the other cities for and cardiac issues as all advanced treatment modalities are available at Max Hospital, Bathinda, he maintained.

Heart ailments no longer elderly disease now; Expert

At Max’s advanced cath lab, we are performing cardiac procedures like angiography, angioplasties, pace makers implantation and  TAVI procedures. We have also a cardiac critical care unit for sick cardiac patients and a facility of ECMO for severely lung compromised patients, he informed.

Heart ailments no longer elderly disease now; Expert. The cardiology dept run by Dr Mody Director have more than 10,000 angiographies & 4000 angioplasties done for the patients of malwa region.

We are also running a cardiac health check-up package at Rs. 699/- only, which includes ECG, Echo/TMT, lipid profile, urea creatinine and doctor consultation for the people to be aware about their cardiac health at very minimum price, he asserted.

Sandip Singh, GM said that we have a competent team of experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals offers state-of-the-art premium world class services in not only in cardiology department but we also have all the specialities like oncology, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics’, diabetes , Gastro and pulmonology which are all available under a roof.

September 24,2022


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