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Medico Legal Aspects of Puberty discussed in CME

Medico Legal Aspects of Puberty discussed in CME

“Puberty is the physiological phenomenon of attainment of sexual activity and the period of transition from non-reproductive state to the state of reproductive functions that allows procreation. Age of onset of puberty varies depending on various factors. In general, in developed countries, puberty comes earlier than in developing countries and it has its own medico legal implications and complications. The age of onset of puberty in girls is 11 to 16 years and in boys it is 13 to 18 years in developing countries. Precocious or delayed puberty may be taken as a defense in case of illegal or forced pregnancy in children and criminal abortion cases.

Sexual conduct between adults and adolescents younger than the local age of consent is illegal. Puberty is a normal part of life but still it is common to feel anxious, excited and confused about it and the emotions might feel stronger and more intense. It is common to go through mood swings with feelings changing quickly and randomly. Many myths associated with puberty are in fact normal phenomenon and are nothing to worry about”.

Medico Legal Aspects of Puberty discussed during Physiology CME

These views were expressed by Dr DS Bhullar, President Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology and a medicolegal expert while speaking on medicolegal aspects of puberty during a continuous medical education programme organized by department of Physiology in Government Medical College Patiala. The programme was inaugurated by officiating Director of Research & Medical Education Punjab Dr Avnish Kumar. More than 100 doctors including medical students attended the programme.


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