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MP Manish Tewari inaugurates Merchant Navy Institute

MP Manish Tewari inaugurates Merchant Navy Institute

Bahadurjeet Singh /Mohali ,April  30,2023

Highest tax free salary, quick promotion, high quality life check, long holidays after work and opportunities to travel the world, who doesn’t want a job like this. Merchant Navy is a profession in which all these dreams come true. But the youth of North Indians are unable to join the best job like Merchant Navy due to lack of right information. While the youth of South Indians join this job in large numbers. Shri Anandpur Sahib MP Manish Tiwari said this while inaugurating the Merchant Navy Institute in Mohali. It may be mentioned that a Merchant Navy Institute is being opened in Mohali, where youngsters who wants to join  Merchant Navy will be groomed. Member of Parliament Manish Tiwari described the opening of this institute as a great opportunity for the youth of Punjab and congratulated the entire management for this initiative.

Giving information about the institute VR Maritime, Captain Sanjay Parashar, said it has bright future for the youngsters but due to lack of information aspiring students are unable to join Merchant Navy. According to him Maritime Industry has   lucrative pay packages, destinations galore, extensive exposure, less demanding qualifications career opportunities.   He further informed that Merchant navy is not like Indian navy because it is non-combatant commercial fleet of ships. Its job is ferrying huge amount of goods in and out across the world.

He told that job opportunities are available in Merchant Navy even after Class 10th. In this, holders of technical degrees like Diploma in Nautical Science, B.Sc Applied Nautical Science, Nautical Science, B.Sc Ship Building and Repair, B.Tech Marine Engineering and B.Tech Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering have excellent opportunities for the students.

MP Manish Tewari inaugurates Merchant Navy Institute

It is worth mentioning that 90 percent of the world’s trade is done through ships. Ships  including large oil tankers, cargo ships, automobile ships, cargo ships and passenger ships, are still the cheapest and best means of transport. There are two divisions in the merchant navy, navigation and engineering, which work together.

MP Manish Tewari inaugurates Merchant Navy Institute. India is contributing 9 percent of the world’s maritime trade, while by 2024 this contribution will be 11 percent. In such times, there are excellent job opportunities for the youth in Merchant Navy.Giving details about the salary offered in Merchant Navy, Colonel Sarbdeep Singh Pandher said that an 18-year-old cadet can start his career with a tax free salary of USD 500, while a junior officer’s salary is around USD 3000 per month, depending on the rank and can rise to $18,000 .

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