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Nabha Power Ensures Reliable Power for Punjab State

Nabha Power Ensures Reliable Power for Punjab State

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in News/ July 4,2023

Nabha Power Limited, which operates the 2x700MW supercritical thermal power plant at Rajpura, remains firmly committed to serving the state of Punjab with unwavering excellence. In the first quarter of the current year, the plant has maintained an exceptional plant availability factor (PAF) of 99.33% and a plant load factor (PLF) of 89%, surpassing all other thermal power plants within the state. This has enabled the state of Punjab to meet its commitments of supplying uninterrupted and reliable power to its consumers especially the farmers, during the ongoing paddy sowing season.

Suresh Kumar Narang, Chief Executive of Nabha Power, expressed pride in the consistent demonstration of excellence in thermal power generation and sustained reliability at Rajpura Plant. Since its commissioning in February 2014, Nabha Power has played a pivotal role in Punjab’s power sector, operating at the highest plant load factor (PLF) in the state. Notably, the plant provides the most cost-effective power among all thermal power plants (TTPs) in Punjab.

He said during the crucial paddy sowing season, plant has consistently operated at an average Plant Availability Factor (PAF) of 97% over the past six years. This remarkable accomplishment ensures the supply of maximum power to the state, thereby meeting the heightened demand during the paddy sowing season.

Nabha Power Ensures Reliable Power for Punjab State
NPL Rajpura

Nabha Power contributed around 41% of the total thermal power generated within the state during FY 22 and 34% during the FY 23. It has been recognized as the ‘The Best Thermal Power Generator’ by the IPPAI for the fifth time for its good performance. In addition, the plant has also bagged several awards of national and international repute.

With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and meeting the energy demands of the state, the plant continues to serve as a dependable source of power.

About Nabha Power  Limited

Nabha Power Limited (NPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of L&T Power Development Limited, has been successfully operating a 2×700 MW supercritical thermal power plant at Rajpura in the state of Punjab since 2014. Efficient and reliable power from NPL forms the backbone of the electricity supply to the state. NPL remains on top of the merit order as it is the lowest-cost thermal power producer in Punjab, operating at a high Plant Load Factor (PLF), which is among the best in the power industry.




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