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Navratra at Kali Mata Mandir Lakhs offered prayers

Patiala State Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, a Sikh ruler and avid follower of Mata Kali Devi, bring the 6-ft statue of Divine Mother Kali & Paawan Jyoti from Bengal to Patiala, in 1936. He financed the building in his capital and oversaw the installation there. He offered the “First Bali” (sacrifice) of a water buffalo to the temple of Kali in Patiala. Kali Mata Temple is situated opposite Baradari garden on the Mall Road of Patiala City (Punjab). It is believed that after a devotee entered the temple, seeks Kala Mata blessings, his sorrow vanishes.

Mother Kali is a Guardian, also known as The Protectress. Mother Kali is Dharma in Eternal Time. Kali shines with the brilliance of a Million Black Fires of Dissolution and her body is bathed in vibuthi (sacred ash. Just as the night sky appears black and the ocean appears deep blue due to its fathomless depth, so too kali appears dark due to great powers and depth. Kali assumes the form that reflects the attitude and emotion of the person who approaches her only if Kali is approached with pure emotion of Motherly Love.

Kali Mata Mandir
Navratra at Kali Mata Mandir, Patiala, where large number of devotees offered prayers

Bhupinder Singh was the ruling Maharaja of the princely state of Patiala from 1900 to 1938. This large complex attracts devotees, Hindu and Sikh, from distant places. A much older temple of Raj Rajeshwari is also situated in the center of this complex. Devotees offer Mustard Oil, daal (lentils), sweets, coconuts, bangles and chunnis, goats, hens and liquor to the Divine Mother here.


A large number of devotees offered prayers at the Kali temple here on the penultimate day of the Navratras i.e. on Ashtami (Eight Day). Devotees thronged the temple since early morning and long queues of people were seen on the roads. Eighth Navratra holds special importance in Hindu religion as ‘Ashtami’ and ‘kanjak pooja’ is celebrated on this day. Common people follow the tradition till now with full faith for their wishes and aspirations.


During these special days, special arrangements have been made by the administration in the city to handle the rush with the help of the police and volunteers of various .Medical and other emergency services such as firefighters, disaster management have been in place at the temple.


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