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On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats

On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats

Vaidya Vandna Vats

October 23 is celebrated as National Ayurveda Day.On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda”

AYURVEDA, is the science and knowledge of life that deals with holistic health of an individual. During the Covid 19 pandemic period whole world was going through the fact that have an  analogy with Darwin’s theory,” Survival of fittest “. Fittest here is defined as the person having good immunity to fight against covid virus. According to Ayurveda *immunity*( Ojja),is a sum total of good lifestyle, seasonal diet, adequate sleep, balanced mind, and exercise. Human body is a combination of five elements (Vayu, Jal, Agni, Aakash and  Prithvi.), mind ,soul ,time and space .( Vasesik darshan)

The main three pillars of health as per AYURVEDA are

1–Aahar (diet)

2—Nidra ( sleep)

3–Brahmacharya (conjugal life)

On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats
Vaidya Vandna Vats

Our body which is the seat of mind and soul can maintain its optimum health by regulating these three pillars.

1–*Aahar*—-Food is the taking in of eating substances which act as fuel for bodily processes like vital breath( प्राण वायु), positive immune system (ओज), and all intelligence (तेज ) in body. The purpose to spread , HAR DIN HAR GHAR AYURVEDA ,starts from our kitchen. Food for proper digestion ,good health and immunity should always be according to seasons (Ritucharya) as well as per active principals of ras gun, virya, Vipak  and in proper combination.

We are blessed to have all six seasons in our country due to the rotation of earth around Sun which is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms  floora and funa. Whole year is divided into two time periods as per Sun’s rays. These are:

1—Aadan kal (आदान काल)- This is the period of low nutrition and less absorption. Sun is in Uttarayan,  its high heat period. It includes Shishir, Vasant and Ghrishm Ritukal.

2—Visrarg Kal (विसर्ग काल)– This is the period of nutrition and more absorption. Sun is in Dakshinayan and moon rays are full of cool energy. It includes Varsha, Sharad,  Hemant Ritukal.

On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats. REGIMEN OF SIX SEASONS (षड्ॠतुचर्या) 

1–Hemant Ritucharya, winters ( November-December)

During these months digestive fires are high so food with properties guru, oily, sour ,salty can be easily digestible. Milk, condensed milk, curd, butter, ghee, urad, rice , barley,  cauliflower, tomatoes, chicken,mutton, fish, carrots,  dry fruits, apples, banana, orange hard drinks can be taken. Body oil massage,  sun sitting, steam, warm clothes and sexual indulgence as per body strength is recommended by Ayurveda.

2—Shishir Ritucharya, ( January- February)

Foods which are good to be consumed are wheat ,rice ,pumpkin, spinach, cabbage, urad, arahar dal, jimikand,  cream ,butter ,milk , mutton ,chicken and nuts  Wearing warm clothes and indoor exercises should be practiced. Do not consume Millets, ragi ,barley ,curd  in this period .

3–Vasant Ritucharya- ( March -April)spring season.

The kaph collected in hemant ritu is liquified due to Sun rays and it hampers digestive fires. So condensed, oily, sweet diets should be avoided. Food such as barley, wheat ,old rice , ragi,  brinjal,  fenugreek, onion, carrots,  reddish,  pomegranate, cow’s milk. should be consumed whereas curd, buttermilk,  cheese,  new grains are avoided.Exercise and  Panchkarma ( detoxification therapies) are advisable.

4–Ghrishm Ritucharya -(May-June), summer season.

Sun rays being very high in intensity absorb the energy and power of individuals so sweet and cold (मधुर व शीतल), qualities rich food is recommended. Such food includes Buffalo milk, rice ,coconut,  kismish, mong dal, urad dal , masoor dal, onion, mangoes,  banana, chicken,  cucumber,  Jalabi . All types of alcohol should be avoided. Instead drink cold water, sattuu, lassi,  badam ki tandaii, mishri . One can sleep during day.

5–Varsha Ritucharya–(July-August)–Rainy season.

The power and immunity of a person is very low in rainy season. Goghrit,  butter, honey , barley,  wheat ,old rice , mong, black pepper,  sandav salt, grapes and pomegranates,  dry ginger powder should be consumed. Don’t take millets, corn , new grains, arhar dal, cheese,  fish ,chicken .

6–Shared Ritucharya–(September-October), Autumn season

In this season fundamental pitt, Agni of body is vitiated so pittshamak sweet, laghu, sheetal diet is given. Mong dal , Amla, honey, khand (sugar) parval are good . Do not sit in Sun, excessive airy places, dew places, oily food ,fish ,curd and day sleep should be avoided. Panchkarma (detoxification therapies) are advised in Sharad ritu.

These regimes of diets and lifestyle as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts can help to improve quality of life hence enhance our immunity.

2–*Nindra* –(sleep)

Ayurveda specify Ratrricharya as proper sleep of 7-8 hours for good health is important.  Sleep is the relaxation of brain and only internal consciousness work. Always sleep in night and do not sleep during day time. Waking up in night causes dryness in body and hampers digestion. Sleeping during day causes heaviness (obesity) in body. Only day sleep is recommended in Ghrishm ritu so as to rejunevate baal of body.

3–*Brahmacharya*–(conjugal life)

Proper marriage life is one of the main component of healthy life. As per Ayurveda the age of marriage for males is  25 and for females is 18 .This is advisable to have healthy children and conjugal life. Of the six seasons except winter sexual indulgence should be regulated to the limit of one’s own strength. In winters no limit is prescribed. Rasayan aushad intake is good for health.

Ancient Ayurvedic principles plays an important role in protecting ourselves from today’s lifestyle diseases like Candice problems, obesity, diabetes,  PCOD ,PCOS , psychological disorders, mental illness and infertility and digestion ailments.

*ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत*

About Vaidya Vandna Vats 

She is an Ayurvedic Physician and Panchkarma expert running DR SR Vats Memorial Ayurvedic & Panchkarma; at Preet Nagar,Lower Mall,Patiala.

She has completed her BAMS( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and a Gold Medalist of University.

She has delivered many talks at various platforms regarding role of Ayurveda in lifestyle diseases, Gynecological diseases, infertility, PCOD, etc.

She has a clinical experience of 25 years and successfully treated many cases of infertility and gynecological diseases.

Many of her writeups have been published in Kayasampradaya blogspot of Famous Gujrat Ayurvedic University, Jamnagar. Where recently Govt of India is opening International Ayurvedic Centre along WHO.

Got the opportunity to deliver an interactive TALK SESSION organised by PATIALA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION .

This seminar is about ,””” AYURVEDIC CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES in Women’s Health &.Hygiene. “””.

My hearty Gratitude to organization and lovely audience for their warm welcome as well as curious learning attitude. These type of awareness talks are my little contribution in the movement (abhiyan) saving and educating girl child . My addition to it is,

“””बेटी बचाओ ,बेटी पढाओ के साथ-साथ बेटी को स्वस्थ बनाओ !!!!”””


Golden moments, an interactive TALK Session about “Ayurvedic principles in Women Health “, in PUNJABI UNIVERSITY, PATIALA. This Health Session is for Phd scholar hostel girls who took a keen interest in understanding the concepts and putting their queries. 28th May,is International Day of actions for Women Health. Now it’s time to talk about it.

On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats. In Service of Ayurveda 

On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats
Vaidya Vandna Vats

Vaidya Vandna Vats (9463423805)

On 7th National Ayurveda Day let’s celebrate “Har Din Har Ghar Ayurveda” – Vaidya Vandna Vats
Vaidya Manu Vats

Vaidya Manu Vats (9814830356)

Dr .S. R. Vats. Memorial Ayurvedic and Panchkarma Clinic

#5– Preet Nagar, Lower Mall Patiala

October 23,2022


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