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Outcomes of Green Election Campaign in 06-Anandpur Sahib Lok Sahba 2024; average voting percentage increases

Outcomes of Green Election Campaign in 06-Anandpur Sahib Lok Sahba 2024; average voting percentage increases

Bahadurjeet Singh/Anandpur Sahib/ June 8,2024

Green Election-2024 campaign conducted systematically and successfully in Anandpur Sahib Parliamentary Constituency has increased the average voting percentage in 3 assembly constituencies of district Rupnagar by 1.8 percent.

These views were expressed by General Observer IAS (Special Secretary, Irrigation and Water Resources Department, UP) Dr. Heera Lal.

In addition, he stated that besides district Rupnagar, assembly constituency-S.A.S Nagar also recorded increase of 0.06 percent in voting. Although, in rest of assembly constituencies, loss of voting percentage has been compensated around (3-5) percent because of aggressive SVEEP activities conducted under green election campaign.

Outcomes of Green Election Campaign in 06-Anandpur Sahib Lok Sahba 2024; average voting percentage increases

As far as the maximum voting recorded at polling booths is concerned, he stated that 80.72 voting percentage was registered at Sawamipur Booth in assembly constituency Anandpur sahib in 2019 where as 6 booths have recorded more than 80.72 voting percentage in same assembly constituency in 2024 and Manguwal booth-233 of Anandpur sahib assembly constituency has achieved 89.5 voting percentage in 2024. Likewise based on above comparison 6 more assembly constituencies have registered spike increase in voting percentage in 251 booths.

Similarly, voting percentage has also increased in 38 out of 173 model booths such as green, pink, youth, physically weak and disabled booths by an average of 8.46 percent at parliamentary constituency Anandpur Sahib. In 2019, out of these 38 booths, the booth with highest polling percentage registered polling percentage of 77.89%. In 2024, out of these 38 booths the highest polling percentage is 89.3%. This shows an increase of 11.61% in the highest booth of 2024 as compared to 2019.

In 2019, only seven booths were in high range of voting of (80-90) percent while in 2024 twenty booths are in same range. There is an impressive increase in 13 more booths voting in the high range of (80-90) percent. Likewise in range of  (70-80) percent high voting booths the number is 297 in 2024 as compared 223 of 2019. This shows boost in voting percentage in 74 more booths to come in high range of voting percentage. This increase in number of booths with increased voting percentage in high range of (80-90) and (70-80) percentage is impact of Green Election campaign.

In Punjab 2024 Lok Sabha election, Sangrur Lok Sabha has seen a fall of 7.77 percent, Ferozpur of 5.45 percent and Fatehgarh Sahib 5.16 percent. We would have also seen the fall in voting percentage in this range (around 5 percent) if green election campaign would have not helped.

In 06-Anandpur Sahib Lok Sabha seat overall voting percentage in 2019 is 63.76 and it is 62.20 in 2024. It is less by 1.56 percent in 2024 compared to 2019. In the light of decrease in voting percentage in all phases of 2024 election across

the country, around (3-5) percent polling increased due to Green Election campaign in different nine assemblies. This converted the big loss around five percent into small loss of 1.56 percent.

In view of free, fair, transparent and eco-friendly elections in Anandpur sahib parliamentary constituency following the directives of Election Commission of India, a programmatic campaign was chalked out to involve the voters and they were sensitized about key role of voting as well as plantation in the disaster era of unpredictable climate change, said Dr. Heera Lal.

Outcomes of Green Election Campaign in 06-Anandpur Sahib Lok Sahba 2024; average voting percentage increases

Within a short span of 17 days, around 47,266 plants were distributed among voters and 7753 plants were planted under green election-2024 campaign. He stated 11,460 plants were handed over to voters on June 15 at specially designed 27 green booths in Anandpur Sahib Parliamentary constituency.

Giving details about the awareness activities, Dr. Heera Lal stated that to promote the importance of voting and green election, regular events have been organized such as marathon, walks, cycling, debates, and cultural events across the Anandpur sahib Parliamentary constituency.

He stated that administering oaths to caste vote and planting trees to celebrate voting day have proved helpful. Al such activities were shared on social media with specific tagging that popularized the green election campaign which successfully galvanized voters.

The Green Election campaign carried out as per the guidelines of ECl in Anandpur sahib Parliamentary constituency has become a model for other 542 Parliamentary constituency and 4123 Assembly constituency of India to emulate in the times to come.

Last but not the least, India, being the largest democracy with more than 970 million eligible voters, fi this green model of elections is successfully emulated in the upcoming assembly elections ni various states ti can drastically mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and save the future of plant earth.


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