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Patiala Police Pay Homage and Salute its brave Martyr’s

Patiala Police District

Salute to Martyrs

Paying homages to all Police Officers and Jawans whose sacrify their lives for a bright and peaceful future of the present and coming generation of Punjab

Sh. Sital Dass, IPS

Sh. A.S. Brar, IPS

Sh. K.R.S.Gill,IPS

Sh. Baldev Singh Brar, S. P.

Sh. Sikander S Grewal, PPS

Sh. R.P.S. Teja, PPS S. P.                

Sh. R.S. Tiwana,  S. P,CRPF

SI Gurdev Singh 1649/PTL 

HC Singara Singh 2007/PTL

HC Bheem Singh 1801/PTL

Ct. Mohan Lal 1964/PTL

HC Gurbachan Singh 965/PTL

HC jang Singh 400/PTL

SI Gurdas Singh 148/PR

Ct. Raj Kumar 1617/PTL

HC Goabardhan Singh 1539/PTL

ASI Harbhajan Singh 1/PTL

ASI Iswer Singh 8/PTL

Ct. Netar Singh 2190/PTL

Inspr. Davinder Kumar 139/FR

ASI Tarlok Singh 704/PTL

Ct. Jalal Mashi 918/PTL

HC Paramjit Singh 1257/PTL

Ct. Jasvir Singh 2601/PTL

Ct. Mastan Singh 1307/RPR

Ct. Basant Singh 1206/PTL

ASI Jaswant Singh 861/RPR

Ct. Baldeep Singh 538/PTL

Ct. Sadhu Singh 1977/PTL

HC Jasvir Singh 7/97

HC Sham Chand 1728/PTL

HC Sawarn Singh 1724/PTL

Ct. Malkiat Singh 36/723

Ct. Puran Chand 1729/PTL

HC Surinder Singh 2673/LDH

Sh. Lal Singh 508/82

Ct. Nibai Singh 345/PTL

Ct. Najam Ali 2552/PTL

Ct. Kartar Singh 550/PTL

Ct. Surinder Singh 1224/PTL

ASI Sukhdev Singh 292/PTL

HC Prithi Chand 66/PTL

HC Sukhdev Singh 32/36 PAP

Ct. Tarlochan Singh 910/LDH

Ct. Ram Narian 801/PTL

HC Tara Chand 1249/PTL

ASI Gurbachan Singh 394/PTL

Ct. Lakhvir Singh 681/PTL

Ct. Darshan Singh 894/RPR

Ct. Sukhwinder Singh 506/FDK

Ct. Baljit Singh 1426/SGR

SI Sukhwinder Singh 722/PTL

Ct. Lachhman Dass 202/36

SI Gurdip Singh 41/JRT

Ct. Babu Singh 781/PTL

ASI Harnek Singh 572/PTL

SPO Bhajan Singh

SPO Saffi Mashi

SPO Jasvir Singh 1469

PHG Harmail Singh

PHG Kuldeep Singh

SPO Krishan Kumar

PHG Rajwinder Singh

PHG Sohan Lal

PHG Mukhtiar Singh.

PHG Darshan Singh

Patiala Police Pay Homage and Salute its brave Martyr’s

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