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Plastic becoming a great challenge for entire world-Prof Gupta

Plastic becoming a great challenge for entire world-Prof Gupta

Jasbir Kapoor / royalpatiala.in/ Fatehgarh Sahib

“Today the situation has worsened to such an extent that 1 to 5 trillion Plastic bags are used worldwide per annum and the figure is estimated to increase to 12 trillions by 2050. This means 10 million plastic bags are being used every minute, which  is in fact pushing this beautiful earth towards pollution”. These views were shared by Prof .R.C. Gupta , former Head Deptt of Botany Punjabi university Patiala , while delivering keynote address at Mata Gujri college Fatehgarh sahib seminar on Climate Change: Challenges and Mitigation Strategies organized by Botany Department of the college.

Further he said , that United Nation has made the entire world  aware of the alarming situation that if the plastic waste continues to be dumped  into the sea in same manner , one day the entire sea will get converted to a plastic sea . Eventually a layer of it ( plastic ) will spread on the entire surface of earth Finally this plastic will ruin agriculture , animal husbandry  and all other types ecosystem.So, environment lover needs to abide  by the “ Beat Plastic Pollution: If you cannot Reuse, Refuse it” slogan of united nations & strict rules regarding this should be made .

Plastic becoming a great challenge for entire world-Prof Gupta

Prof. Munruchi Kaur, Head, Deptt.of Botany, emphasised on Ecotourism and added that in present scenario, there is a dire need of spreading awareness regarding ecotourism to save earth from further deterioration.

Director-Principal, Dr. Kashmir Singh, said that the greatest harm to nature is being posed by none other than human beings. Glass and Plastic are the two products made by human, which cannot be degraded and consequences of which are very dangerous.

Prof. Kamaljit Singh, Deptt. of Botany, Punjab University, Chandigarh shared his views regarding the importance of biodiesel in controlling air pollution.He laid stress on using Jojoba plant for producing Biodiesel, which can easily be grown on waste lands or extremely dry lands and can contribute greatly in controlling air pollution.

Prof. V.K. Singhal, Deptt. of Botany, Punjabi University, also shared his views regarding many critical issues related to environment . Head, Deptt. of Botany of the college and convenor of the seminar Prof. Loveneet kaur Bhangu considered the seminar succesfull from the perspective of  environment and presented vote of thanks to all guests . Prof. Rajinder Kaur,Prof. Harveen Kaur, Prof. Rashid Rasheed, Dr. Satnam Singh, Prof. Navjeet Kaur,  Prof. Pardeep Kaur, Dr. Jagdish Singh, Prof. Satpreet Kaur, Prof. Daljeet Kaur , Dr. Harpinder Singh, Dr. Monika, Dr. Neetu Trehan and Dr. Naina Khullar were present on the ocassion. Dr. Vijay Singh, Prof. Jaspreet kaur and Prof. Ajaypal singh of Botany department played a great role in making the seminar successful.


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