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PNG,CNG services to start soon in Mandi Gobindgarh

PNG,CNG services to start soon in Mandi Gobindgarh

IRM Energy Pvt Ltd a Cadila group (Major Pharmaceutical Company) will start CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) supply to Mandi Gobindgarh, an industrial hub of Punjab, in the first week of February. This will be second online CNG Station in Punjab besides Mohali.

Officials of the company told that IRM Energy has completed the work of CNG Station in Mandi Gobindgarh in a record time of 6 months. This station will cater to needs of people of Mandi Gobindgarh, Khanna, Amloh and Sirhind. CNG is an eco-friendly gas, cheaper and less polluting than conventional fuels giving significant benefit to residents of the area.

PNG, CNG services to start soon in Mandi Gobindgarh


Taking into consideration the future requirement of the area, the company will soon expand CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations to Sirhind, Chunni Kalan, Patarso , on NH1 and Khamano apart from one more station in Mandi Gobindgarh, in Fatehgarh Sahib district, which is 1146 sqcm km. In Fatehgarh Sahib district, the company will open 5 more CNG stations and it has been planned to make them operational by March-April.

The work of pipeline is being completed on a war footing in Mandi Gobindgarh and domestic connections of PNG supply will be released soon.

PNG will also be supplied to industrial consumers in Mandi Gobindgarh which will help in reducing pollution.

IRM Energy has been licensed by Govt of India and got the authorisation to build, operate and expand the City Gas Distribution (CGD) network, for distribution of CNG and PNG in Fatehgarh Sahib District.

What is PNG-CNG?

PNG means Piped Natural Gas. Means Natural gas carried up to end user in pipes. Pressure depends on the type of burner customer is using. Domestic customer’s burner requires less pressure. An industrial customer requires gas at a relatively high pressure.

CNG means Compressed Natural Gas. Means same Natural Gas but Compressed at very high pressure. Used for combustion in CNG based vehicles only.


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