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PRTC bus passes to carry hologram to stop its misuse

PRTC bus passes to carry hologram to stop its misuse
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By-KIS Diwan, Patiala, Oct 10,2017

To cut down the losses and misuse of concessional, free passes issued to students and other categories, Pepsu Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) management have planned to use the holograms on all the bus passes. “Several incidents came to fore of students and other beneficiaries using forged bus passes for travelling, due to which the PRTC is suffering financial losses on daily basis, said the top functionary of the corporation.

Moreover, to check and curtail the misuse of passes, the colour of the passes will be changed every three months. PRTC Chairman, KK Sharma said that it came to management notice that in many cases where students tend to use another student’s pass with his/her identity card, manipulated photo on the card and use them frequently. PRTC enforcement wing, field staff detected many such cases in routine checking. It is very tough to calculate the loss incurred as the management detected number of cases from different areas, where PRTC run its buses. Sharma further disclosed that to curb this menace, PRTC management has decide to use Holograms and change the colour of the passes, on regular basis.

PRTC bus passes to carry hologram to stop its misuse

He further disclosed that from now onwards students, existing, retired, contractual, out sourced employees will have different colour of passes, to identify them. Earlier, all these categories used to have a single colour pass.

Further, PRTC MD Manjit Singh Narang said the beneficiaries must ensure that their passes must have hologram at the time of collection, as no one will be allowed to travel on passes without hologram and required bus fare will be charged accordingly.

Also the authorities of PRTC has directed its own staff to board only PRTC buses and avail the free bus facility and avoid the Private Bus, as if they board the private bus then they must take the ticket. Similarly, if any staff member of Private Transport boarded PRTC bus then the official of PRTC must issue a ticket to them.