Punjab to provide improved quality and reliable power through ICT Rajpura, HTLS Jalandhar : A.Venu Prasad

PSPCL geared up for coming paddy season; made elaborate arrangements-CMD

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

CMD PSPCL A.Venu Prasad disclosed that PSPCL has made level best elaborate power arrangements for coming paddy season  and in order to achieve and ensure supply to agriculture consumers, PSPCL has also strengthened  its electrical infrastructure of the villages. CMD also assured   that all power  consumers of Punjab     would   be provided continued, uninterrupted and quality power supply.

While giving details CMD A.Venu Prasad  said that PSPCL has made arrangements to meet more than 13000 MW peak demand during the forthcoming paddy season.

He disclosed that PSPCL has also made power purchase and banking arrangements of around 2400 MW on short term basis for the period from 15th June to 30th September. He said that around 6500 MW generation within state, 4600 MW share of State in the centre sector generating stations including BBMB plants and 2400 MW of arrangements on short term basis are available.

He said that in addition, PSPCL has taken up the matter for the enhancement of ATC/TTC limits with NRLDC/PSTCL, so that there are no transmission constraints for import of power. PSPCL is already at an advanced stage of booking of transmission corridors for paddy season.

PSPCL campaign against power theft in Punjab is brining good results-Bhullar
A Venu Prasad

He said  that PSPCL had successfully met demand during last paddy season of 13148 MW (inspite of covid-19 pandemic ) in the month of July 2020, with the help of Own Hydro/Thermal generation, IPPs, share from Central Sector Projects, arrangements under banking of power etc.

Referring to strengthen the electrical infrastructure of the villages  CMD  A.Venu Prasad  said that   total 22111 nos. AP  transformers  in Punjab out of  which nos 10142 nos AP transformers in west zone,8164 nos in South zone,1508 in Central zone,1491 in Border zone and 809 in north zone have been deloaded   and 419 nos AP feeders have also  been deloaded during  year throughout the state. He further said that around 40 mixed feeders have been segregated in kandi area by APDRP office under DDU scheme only.

CMD said that to ensure uninterrupted power to   agriculture tubewell consumers regular meetings of distribution officers of different distribution zones are being conducted at the level of top management of the PSPCL. He said that regular maintenance of the distribution transformers and feeders are being carried out by the distribution officials for reducing outages time.

PSPCL geared up for coming paddy season; made elaborate arrangements-CMD. He also said that various distribution and other system strengthening works like deloading of overloaded feeders & distribution transformers, replacement of worn out conductor etc. are being carried out by corporation. He also  said that regular monitoring of these maintenance activities is being also ensured.*

March 30,2021