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Punjab government Budget Highlights 2023-24

Punjab government Budget Highlights 2023-24

Kanwar Inder Singh/ March 10,2023

The Finance Minister of Punjab Harpal Singh Cheema Friday presented the first complete state Budget of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government worth Rs 1,96,462 crore. The highlights are:-

Ø 10.50 lac people got free treatment in AAM AADMI CLINICS since their opening.

Ø 26,797 jobs in Government and its  agencies have already been provided by AAP Government.

Ø Almost 90% of Punjab’s households are now getting “Zero Electricity Bills”.

Ø Opening of public sand mines for “Aam Punjabis” for nabling common people to build their dream homes at affordable prices, unlike before.

Ø Rs.2,000 crore – Our Government bailed out Punjab Agriculture Development Bank, PUNSUP and Punjab Agro; infused capital in District Cooperative Banks; provided grant to MILKFED and financed mills and SUGARFED to pay our hard working cane growers on time.

Ø Our Government showed its commitment to our officers, employees and pensioners by releasing 6% DA from October 2022, implementing UGC pay-scales and the 2nd National Judicial Pay Commission. The financial impact on State exchequer on account of these is to the tune of Rs.1,150 crore.

Ø Released previous years’ un-disbursed central share of Rs.1,750 crore approx. belonging to various centrally sponsored schemes, which was withheld by previous Governments.

Ø 3 focus areas, i.e. Good Governance, Education – Health revamp and Revenue mop up. Government has delivered on all three parameters.

Ø  The central themes for this year FY 2023-24 would be to:

(a) Boosting farmer income through promotion of   agriculture & allied activities;

(b) Create a conducive environment for industrial promotion;

(c) Infrastructural development through judicious capital    spending

(d) Strengthen the State Finances- augment additional resources through asset monetization and expenditure rationalization

Ø Central Government has been turning a deaf ear to the long pending legitimate demands amounting to Rs.9,035 crore of the State.

(a) Claims of Rs.6,155 crore related to Cash Credit Limit (CCL), which has not been paid to the State.

  1. b) Further Rs.2,880 crore relatingtoRural Development Fee also not been released by the Union


Ø The GSDP for the State is estimated to grow to be Rs.6,98,635 crore for FY   2023-24.

Ø The Per Capita Income of Punjab stood at Rs.1,73,873 crore at current prices in FY 2022-23 registering a growth of 7.40%.


Ø Tax Intelligence Unit has been duly notified and experts being hired to study the entire gamut of revenues of the State.

Ø Rs.3,000 crore contributed to the Consolidated Sinking Fund (CSF) as against only Rs.2,988 crore in last 5 years by the previous Government.

Ø To eliminate the bottlenecks, redundancies and streamlining the working of the Administrative Departments (ADs), the expenditure authorization earlier required to be taken from Finance Department, have been duly delegated to the line departments.

BUDGET 2023-24

Ø Total   Budget   Expenditure   of   Rs.1,96,462   crore excluding SDF amounting to Rs.45,000 crore  for FY 2023-24; 26% growth compared to the FY 2022-23 (BE). The effective Revenue Deficit and Fiscal Deficit have been pegged at 3.32% and 4.98% respectively.

Ø The Estimates of Revenue Expenditure of State at Rs.1,23,441 crore i.e. growth of 14% over FY 2022-23 (BE). Out of this, Rs.74,620 crore is proposed towards the committed expenditure, a jump of 12% in comparison to FY 2022-23 (BE).


Ø Capital Expenditure is pegged at Rs.11,782 crore i.e. an increase of 22% over FY 2022-23 (RE).

Punjab government Budget Highlights 2023-24-Photo courtesy-Internet


Ø Our Government proposes to introduce a “New Agricultural Policy” with the objective to conserve natural resources and increase farmers’ income, a Committee of Experts already constituted in this regard.

Ø Sarkar- Kisan Milni, initiative of our Hon’ble Chief Minister Ji, which got a resounding response from the farmers of Punjab, more such Milnis would be organized in coming months.

Ø 1 lac quintals of quality seeds amounting to Rs.38 crore were procured by State nodal agency PUNSEED through track and trace system and around 50,000 farmers were provided subsidized seeds worth Rs.10 crore.


Ø Aam Aadmi Party Government would provide market intervention for Basmati procurement, for which a  revolving fund would be created; 33% subsidy on cotton seeds and track and trace mechanism for ensuring only quality seeds for our farmers. Rs.1,000 crore for a special scheme on diversification in FY 2023-24.

Ø 2574 Kisan Mitras to be engaged to provide extension services in each village and spread information and knowledge at  farmers’ doorstep.

Ø 30,312 famers have been provided with an incentive Rs.1,500 per acre for adopting the practice of Direct Seeding of Rice, for which Rs.25 crore has been paid Our Government for the first time procured Moong crop at MSP and transferred a total amount of Rs.79 crore benefitting 20,898 farmers. An allocation of Rs.125 crore for these two initiatives.


Ø As a result of positive targeted actions undertaken by AAP Government, the paddy straw burning incidents were reduced by approx. 30%.

Ø To engage farmers by providing various possibilities and solutions to eliminate this practice of burning paddy straw. Rs.350 crore allocated under the Sub-Mission on Agriculture Mechanism, to provide various machines/equipment.


Ø Government has provided free power to the tune of  Rs.9,064 crore  in FY 2022-23(RE) and Rs.9,331 crore has been earmarked in FY 2023-24 to continue its support to the farmers.


Ø Provide Crop Insurance to farmers to save them from vagaries of the weather and other uncertainties.


Ø An allocation of  Rs.253 crore for next financial year, i.e. more than  double the budget allocated in FY 2022-23 (RE).

Ø 5 new Horticulture Estates to be set up in district of Ludhiana, Gurdaspur, Patiala, Bathinda and Faridkot –  Rs.40 crore in  FY 2023-24.

Ø A new risk mitigation scheme i.e. Bhaav Antar Bhugtan Yojna to ensure right remuneration to horticulture producers whenever market prices would fluctuate beyond a certain level- initial allocation  Rs.15 crore.

Ø A new scheme for diversification through flower Seed production would also be operationalized in the upcoming financial year.


Ø Rs.885 crore was provided to PSCADB to pay back its loan; Rs.135 crore capital infusion has been done to facilitate DCCBs and  Rs.36 crore assistance given to MILKFED.

Ø Rs.400 crore provided to support SUGARFED to pay cane growers; Rs.250 crore allocated in FY 2023-24. Sugar mills were allotted an additional quota of 50% and also the export quota

Ø For setting up of sugar complexes at Batala and Gurdaspur: Rs.100 crore

Ø Rs.100 crore for MILKFED to reach new heights and double its turnover from Rs.4,886 crore in FY 2021-22 to Rs.10,000 crore by FY 2026-27.

Ø Setting up new godowns at 13 locations, 6 godowns is expected to be completed by March 2023 and for completion of remaining 7 projects Rs.100 crore is allocated

Ø 110 TPD physical refinery for processing of crude palm oil and 100 TPD Vanaspati plant at Khanna are being installed by MARKFED.

Ø Two new Oil Mills at Budhlada and Gidderbaha for processing of Mustard crop would be installed by MARKFED in FY 2023-24.


Ø 25 lac doses of Goat Pox Vaccine were procured to vaccinate our bovine population  and till date approx. 7.45 lac cattle have been vaccinated. Lethal African Swine Fever was swiftly controlled by our Government and adequate compensation was provided to piggery farmers, whose pigs were culled- Rs.25 crore in FY 2023-24 for this purpose.

Ø Mobile Veterinary Units to be established in FY 2023-24 to provide diagnosis, treatment minor surgeries, sample collection and audio visual support related to animals, to the farmers / animal owners at their doorsteps-  Rs.13 crore budgeted.


Ø To augment the area under fisheries the plan is to expand the current area 1,212   acres under shrimp cultivation to 5,000 acres in next 5 year.

Ø A mini Fish Feed Mill of two ton capacity has been established at district Jalandhar, with Government’s subsidy.

Ø An Ice-Plant of 30 Ton capacity for the preservation of fish, shrimp  and its products is proposed to be established with Government subsidy.


Ø Under the Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Hariawal Lehar, against a target of 50 lac saplings, 54 lac saplings have already been planted. Target of planting 1 crore saplings in the upcoming FY 2023-24 across different schemes.

Ø Allocation of  Rs.258 crore is proposed in FY 2023-24:

(a) PUNCAMPA-  Rs.196 crore;

(b) Wildlife and Zoo Development –  Rs.13 crore and

(c) Green Punjab Mission –  Rs.31 crore.


Ø An outlay of Rs.17,072 crore for school and higher education, which is 12% higher than the previous year.

Ø FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR UPKEEP OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: Rs.99 crore for ensuring basic cleanliness and upkeep of schools while teachers shall concentrate only on academics

Ø SKILL UP-GRADATION PROGRAMME FOR TEACHERS/ SCHOOL HEADS: Rs.20 crore in FY 2023-24 for this purpose. 36 principals/education officers was trained at the Principals Academy, Singapore and another batch of 30 principals has also been sent this month.

Ø SCHOOLS OF EMINENCE 117 schools have been identified for upgrading them as “Schools of Eminence”. On pilot basis, work for upgradation has already started at 04 schools of district Amritsar, Rs.200 crore in FY 2023-24 for up-gradation of the schools into Schools of Eminence.

Ø PRE-MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME: For OBC and SC students, provisioned  Rs.18 crore and Rs.60 crore, respectively in FY 2023- 24 for providing these scholarships.

Ø Punjab Young Entrepreneur Programme: Rs.30 crore @ Rs.2000 per student to be provided for proposing original business ideas.

Ø Installation of Roof-Top Solar Panel System in Government Schools-                 Rs.100 crore.

Ø Up-gradation of Infrastructure including        Boundary – Wall in Government Schools-  Rs.324 crore.

Ø For providing Mid-Day Meal to 16.35 lakh students –  Rs.456 crore.

Ø Samagra Shiksha Abhiyaan: Rs.1,425 crore

Ø Forfree books, infrastructure, repair and maintenance of schools: Rs.90 crore.

Ø For providing uniforms to pre-primary class students-  Rs.25 crore.



Ø 2 new schemes i.e. Professional Coaching for Employment and Soft Skill & Communication Training is proposed for providing coaching on professional lines.

Ø PROVISION FOR INFRASTRUCTURE: Rs.68 crore is proposed for undertaking infrastructure development in 11 new Government colleges.

Ø RASHTRIYA UCHCHTAR SHIKSHA ABHIYAN: Rs.116 crore is proposed for this purpose in FY 2023-24.

Ø For strengthening and upgradation of Urdu Academy, Malerkotla: Rs.2 crore has been provided.


Ø Rs.615 crore in FY 2023-24 for improving the technical capacities of our technical education institutes; 6% higher allocation than FY 2022-23.

Ø After the gap of 13 years, Government Polytechnic College for Girls, Ropar which was closed since 2009 has been re-opened in the year 2022.

Ø For the upgradation of infrastructure, machinery equipment & construction of new buildings: Rs.63 crore is proposed in FY 2023-24.

Ø  Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement: Rs.40 crore provisioned.


Ø “Khedan Vatan Punjab Diyan-2022” was conducted from Block to the State level. Around 3 lakh players participated in these games and award money worth Rs.7 crore has been distributed to 9,961 winner players.

Ø Our Government has revived the prestigious Shaheed-E-Aazam S. Bhagat Singh Raj Yuva Award and two youths from each district would be selected and honored with a medal, an amount of Rs.51,000 and a Certificate.

Ø Multipurpose Sports Arenas at district level and sub-divisional level are being set-up and out of 32 projects have been completed. Rs.35 crore is proposed for the construction, up-gradation and strengthening of Sports Infrastructure.

Ø For purchase of sports equipment Rs.3 crore.

Ø To promote sports education in specialized areas, Rs.53 crore allocated for the Sports University, Patiala.


Ø An allocation of Rs.1,015 crore in FY 2023-24 for Medical Education and Research.

Ø To meet the shortage of staff in the medical institutes, 880 Staff  Nurses and 81 Para Medical Staff have been recruited.

Ø Under the new policy for appointment of senior residents, 300 specialist Doctors have appointed in Government Medical Colleges.

Ø Two new Medical Colleges of 100 MBBS seats each at Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur are being set up at a cost of Rs.422 crore and  Rs.412 crore respectively.

Ø For setting up of Trauma Centre at Government Medical College, Amritsar and at Rajendra Hospital, Patiala at a total cost of Rs.100 crore in FY 2023-24.

Ø A new Nursing College at village Thikriwal, district Barnala is proposed to be set up in FY 2023-24, Punjab State Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences has been established at Sahibzada Ajit Singh (S.A.S) Nagar and will become fully functional in the financial year 2023-24. An allocation of Rs.25 crore for this Institute in FY 2023-24.


Ø 1,353 manpower/medical   staff  have  been   recruited   in FY 2022-23 under various categories of which 271 are Specialist Medical Officers, 3 Pharmacy Officers, 53 Staff Nurses, 520 Multi-Purpose Health Workers, 480 Ward Attendants, etc.

Ø AAM AADMI CLINICS (AACS): Against the initial target of establishing 117 Aam Aadmi Clinics, our Government has already established 504 Aam Aadmi Clinics. Another 142 clinics are in the pipeline and are expected to be operational in next few days. More than 10.50 lakh patients have availed OPD facilities, and 1 lakh lab tests have been conducted in these clinics.

Ø STRENGTHENING OF SECONDARY HEALTH CARE INSTITUTIONS: Launch a special project i.e. strengthening of all secondary health care institutions – Community Health Centres, Sub-Divisional Hospitals and District Hospitals in the State. Rs.39 crore in FY 2023-24 for the strengthening of these and other Health Centers.

Ø MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH (MCH): Rs.16 crore proposed in FY 2023-24 for construction/ upgradation of MCH Hospitals.

Ø AYUSH: Rs.18 crore has been earmarked for two 50 Bedded Integrated AYUSH Hospitals at (SAS Nagar) and Dune ke (Moga)

Ø Running and upgradation of drug management facilities and centers-  Rs.40 crore.

Ø Procurement of PET Scan & SPECT CT machines for Homi Bhabha Cancer Centre, Sangrur-  Rs.17 crore.

Ø 24 hours Emergency Response Services –  Rs.61 crore.



Ø To bridge the industry and skill gap, the Government has entered into MoU’s that would help in providing training to around 5,000 candidates in FY 2023-24.

Ø An outlay of Rs.163 crore has been proposed in FY 2023-24 for implementing the various schemes for training and skill development such as Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushal Yojana (DDU-GKY) and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), etc.


Ø In the last 11 months, Punjab has received 2,295 investment proposals amounting to about Rs.41,043 crore. It is expected that new investment would gradually open job avenues for about 2.5 lac people.

Ø Progressive Punjab Investors’ Summit got an overwhelming response from over 1,500 delegates, national and foreign business captains who showed interest in Punjab and its future.

Ø Our Government unveiled 5 policies- Industrial and Business Development

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