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Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch launched for a golden future of Punjab

Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch launched for a golden future of Punjab

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Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch was launched at a well-attended function at Hyatt Regency. Besides the Convenor and Founder K.C. Singh and Secretary of the Forum Col. L.J.S. Gill, 14 other co-founders were present. They are individuals from diverse fields, in which they have excelled and have extensive experience in social upliftment.

Former Ambassador K C Singh (Krishan Chander Singh), Indian Foreign Service (Retd), was Envoy to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Iran.He then was Additional Secretary (International Organisations) & Coordinator Counter Terrorism in the Ministry of External Affairs, finally rising to the post of Secretary, Economic Relations.

Convenor, K.C. Singh while speaking at the launch event said, the Manch wants to focus on challenges facing Punjab today and take to the people their views. The aim is to solicit the reaction of Punjab residents, both in urban and rural areas. The Manch, he said, hopes to voice the outcome of this interactive dialogue.

The critical issues facing Punjab include, farmers’ agitation against farm laws; agrarian crisis due to dependence on rice-wheat cycle and its impact on water table, environment etc.; low agricultural growth and deficient investment in industry. He added, then there are issues like poor education facilities, healthcare facilities and housing facilities.

“Equally challenging are issues affecting youth, especially jobs and above all, there is a need for systematic change and ways to check mafias controlling sand extraction, liquor trade and drugs. Systematic reforms are not possible without Punjab deciding what kind of political leadership it elects. Manch’s aim is to spread awareness about these challenges, possible solutions and a roadmap for a golden future.”, he added.

In his address, Mr K C Singh shared the vision of the Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch. He said “This platform will work towards finding solutions to the pressing issues facing the people of Punjab. We will offer our solutions, but more importantly go to the people and seek their advise. We wish to become the voice of all Punjabis “He said, Punjab needs a second Green Revolution , where new markets are created , and farmers ensured dignity and financial prosperity “

Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch launched for a golden future of Punjab
KC Singh

Col LJS Gill, who has served in the Indian Army for 24 years and also held senior positions in the corporate world said, “People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it ”

Dr K S Aulakh, Ex Vice Chancellor, PAU, said, “Punjab which used to be the number one State on per capita GDP basis forty years ago has slipped down to the 16th position, 5th most corrupt and most indebted state of India. There is desperation and chaos all around. For this people of unimpeachable integrity, vision, determination and commitment are needed to rehaul and transform it back into a viable State.”

Prof Ronki Ram, who has several years of teaching and research experience at Panjab University and other universities besides being a recipient of several awards, said, “We need to promote skill-based education, supported by a revived government school setup for the generation of respectable employment at the grassroots”.

Maj Gen Satbir Singh (Retd.),who has served as an Instructor at four premier institutions in the Indian Army, said, “Bold measures need to be initiated to reverse the trend to qualitatively improve the Gross Domestic Happiness in tandem with Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”

He added, “The Manch recognises the services and sacrifices made by our armed forces. Ex-Servicemen must be granted the dignity they deserve, and their services incorporated in the larger interest of Punjab.” Presently Chairman of Indian Ex-servicemen Movement (IESM) and Advisor United Front ofEx-Servicemen (UFESM) Jantar Mantar, he has led the One Rank One Pension Movement for Defence Personnel.

Also present on the occasion were Founder members of the Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch DGP Dr. D R Bhatti, IPS (Retd), Air Marshal P S Gill (Retd.) PVSM, AVSM, VM, Bhai Baldeep Singh, DGP P S Gill, IPS (Retd.), Dr. Harshinder Kaur, Capt. Vikram Bajwa (Retd.),  Gurbir Singh Sandhu, Arjuna Awardee,DPS Gill, Justice (Retd.) Kamaljit Singh Garewal, Adv. Amitjit S Narang and  Jaideep Singh. SANJHA-SUNEHRA PUNJAB

Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch launched for a golden future of Punjab


To create a platform or Manch, open to all those sharing its ideals, to discuss critical issues impinging on the lives and livelihoods of all Punjabis. To debate possible solutions and alternatives to make Punjab the premier state of India again, an honour it held till 1981, when it had the highest per capita income in the nation.

To this end, the Manch shall focus on half a dozen pressing issues, holding in the each of the first six weeks,after its founding, seminars, public meetings, webinars and interaction with public as well as local leaders and experts.

To thus aim at generating interactive and continuous dialogue with all segments of public, cutting across divisions of caste and class. This shall be achieved by physical meetings as indeed the full spectrum of national and Punjabi print, television and on-line media. These would be the initial steps to usher-in participative democracy by encouraging inputs from all strata of society.

To thereby determine if Punjab is ready for new era of genuine democracy and real politics, devoid of feudalism, family controlled parties or parties run by remote control from outside Punjab.

To show the path to restoration of Punjab’s greatness and overcoming its challenges.

Sanjha-Sunehra Punjab Manch launched for a golden future of Punjab


Following are the immediate issues confronting Punjab:

  1. Farmers’ protests against the Central Farm Laws, demand fortheir abrogation and for legislation ensuring Minimum Support Price for crops, especially rice and wheat. A seminar to debate the merits of the farmers’ demands and bring expert opinion to counter pro-farm laws narrative.
  2. Bring simultaneously focus on the larger agricultural crisis, as a more sustainable and new Green Revolution is needed to add value to farm produce, increase productivity and make smaller holdings viable. This requires state intervention to create hubs, cooperatives and supply chains, which enhance farmers’ income and generate new avenues of employment. Private sector can be a partner but government must remain the referee.
  3. Major reform of the administrative and policing system to break the nexus between mafias, drug-lords and gangsters and police-politician patronage. Hold a seminar led by reputed former Directors General of Police on the complete range of this problem and solutions, drastic ones if necessary, to bring about accountability and transparency.
  4. Rethink Punjab’s economy on how the revenue looting is stopped, especially from sand and liquor sales, and health restored by a time-bound plan to retire debt, reduce administrative expenditure and stimulate economy. Recast the revenue department to make systemic changes to eliminate rampant corruption at Tehsil and Patwari levels.
  5. Address youth related issues ranging from poor quality of education, limited job avenues, rush to emigrate, drug addiction etc. Have youth icons lead the debate on this with experts fielding solutions.
  6. Create a master-plan for education and health-care reform, reducing the qualitative difference between government-run and private institutions.Making medical education cheaper and affordable, better equipped and staffed rural medical facilities.Suggest how Punjab can become a hub for world class research and development and higher education institutions. Seek the help of the Punjabi diaspora for this, to make Punjab the Silicon Valley of India.
  7. Revitalise shared religo-cultural heritage of Punjab and revive institutions that draw tourists from abroad and within India, besides inspiring Punjab’s youth.
  8. The Manch recognises the services and sacrifices made by our armed forces. Ex-Servicemen must be granted the dignity they deserve, and their services incorporated in the larger interest of Punjab.

August 25,2021


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