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Scholar Fields Pay Tribute to Children

There was fun and frolic galore when the Scholar Field Public school, Patiala decided to dedicate Children’s Day celebration to young robust and enthusiastic children of the entire world. This is a small step in the direction making students of the school realise and  accept the children of the entire world as their own brothers and sisters.

The day began on a  happy note as teachers took on the roles of students and conducted the school assembly which began with a prayer paying obeisance to God followed by thought news and word of the day. While Deepika Batish spoke about significance of Children’s Day. Harpreet Kaur narrated a beautiful story ‘Tree and A Boy’ bringing home to her audience the value of parents and elders in their life.

Scholar Fields Pay Tribute to Children

The morning was made memorable by the mellifluous rendition of old classic  ‘Bacche Man Ke Sacche’ by Geetanjali and English number “God loves little children and teachers love little children”, by Monika Ramchiary. To further entertain the students, the teachers put up traditional ‘ Giddha Dance’ on foot tapping  number. The show was wrapped up with a comic skit ‘Muddle Heads’ which had children in splits.

The management extended their warm felicitations and greetings to all the students . Speaking on the occasion the Director S.S. Sodhi inspired the students to become worthy global citizens as he said the world has now become a huge global village thanks to Information technology and the need of hour is to work together towards peace and progress.

The celebration at Scholar Field School, after paying tribute to children,culminated with class party for children which they enjoyed to the hilt with delicious home cooked food and DJ playing in the background. Everyone enjoyed thoroughly, share their memorable moments and it turned out to be a memorable day indeed.


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