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Scholars presented their research at 62nd DAE-BRNS

After a vibrant start the 62nd DAE-BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics; the largest nuclear physics symposium of India; is now in full swing at School of Physics and Materials Science (SPMS) , Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET), Patiala.

DR. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Head, SPMS and local convener of the symposium is delivering invited talk at 62nd DAE-BRNS Symposium.JPG

Nearly 545 scientific papers, 25 theses were selected for presentation. 21 invited talks by leading scientists from all over the world were presented. Besides, 400 posters were displayed. It was not as smooth as it appeared. In one side there were organizational challenges of a symposium of more than 500 pan-Indian and international scientists on the other side there was responsibility of achieving prominence by the School of Physics and Material Science (SPMS) scholars in scientific presentations.  School of Physics and Material Science (SPMS), the local organizer, passed the acid test with flying colours.  It was made possible by the exceptional efforts by the students, scholars and faculty members School of Physics and Material Science (SPMS) TIET, under the leadership of DR. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Head, SPMS and local convener of the symposium. The support from Dr. Prakash Gopalan, the honorable director, TIET, is also to be mentioned here.

Besides a neat  and successful organization of three parallel lecture sessions and poster session in each day for this six-day -scientific extravaganza (including one day pre-symposium orientation program) the Ph.D. Scholors (Kanishka, Rajni, Ishita, Amandeep, Navjot, Sangeeta, Gurjit, Shivani and Pallavi) presented their recent cutting-edge research on nuclear science. Their research result attracted significant attention amidst the showcasing of research from leading institutes, like, JNU, IUAC, BARC, TIFR, VECC, SINP, UGC-DAE-CSR, IITs and IISERs. Invited speakers from USA, Russia, Japan, Germany, Poland and Canada and of course from India graced the symposium. The invited lectures of Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma (who himself is a nuclear scientist), Head, SPMS, and Dr. Sunil Devi also from SPMS, created remarkable excitement among the participants.


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