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Shaheed Udham Singh memorial to be renovated

Shaheed Udham Singh memorial to be renovated
Sadhu Singh Dharmsot inspecting Shaheed Udham Singh memorial at Fatehgarh sahib
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Sadhu Singh Dharmsot Minister for Forest paid surprise visit to the Shaheed Udham Singh memorial situated in the vicinity of Roza Sharif Fatehgarh Sahib and expressed concern over the dilapidated condition of the site.

He lashed out at SAD(B) Govt. for completely ignoring the great martyr memorial.Sadhu Singh said that DCC president Harinder Bhambhri brought to his notice about the memorial at Fatehgarh Sahib and demanded to renovate it as Lakhs of devotees visit Fatehgarh Sahib to pay obeisance to Sahibjadas and at Roza Sharif, so that they may pay homage to great martyr. He announced Rs.5 Lakh for the renovation and beautification of the memorial and urged the Deputy Commissioner Kanwalpreet Brar to start the renovation works immediately. He said it will be constructed in modern way, so that people may be attracted and know about Shaheed Udham Singh.

Shaheed Udham Singh memorial to be renovated Rs.5 Lakh announced

It is worth mentioning that in July 1974 the then Chief Minister Giani Zail Singh had brought the ashes of Shaheed Udham Singh to Punjab and as per his wishes these ashes were buried at Roza Sharif Fatehgarh Sahib as Shaheed Udham Singh named himself as Ram Mohammad Singh Azad and desired that his last rites may be done as per all the religions. Since then a memorial was constructed by the administration and the land was given by Roza Sharif management.

Answering a query, Minister said that the fund for the scholarships and Shagun Scheme, where verification has been completed has been released. He said the process of verification is on and a scam worth Rs.700 Crore in scholarships has come to light and approximately Rs. 115 Crore have been recovered.

DC Kanwalpreet Brar said that memorial will be renovated as per the directions of the Minister. Harinder Bhambhri, president District Congress Committee and Gurpreet Singh GP MLA Bassi Pathana also addressed.