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Syria have turned to saline land-Special Lecture at RGNUL

Syria have turned to saline land-Special Lecture at RGNUL

Patiala-Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab in collaboration with Ananta Aspen Centre, New Delhi organized a special lecture on the Syrian Conflict.

Rajendra Madhukar Abhyankar, Former Ambassador to EU Belgium, Luxembourg and Professor of The Practice of Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington delivered a lecture on the topic “Syria: The Tragedy of a Pivotal State and its Implications in the Region and the World”. Professor (Dr.) G.I.S. Sandhu, Registrar, RGNUL, Professor (Dr.) Anand Pawar, Dean RGNUL, faculty, staff, students and participants from different colleges attended the lecture. In his welcome address, Dr. Sandhu eulogised of efforts ANANTA Centre in organizing the special lecture.

Syria have turned to saline land-Special Lecture at RGNUL

Abhyankar delved into the reasons for the escalation of violence in Syria. Beginning with the Arab Spring, he elucidated the manner in which peaceful protests descended to armed conflict in Syria. “The Syrian turmoil,” he said, “is a manifestation of the long standing religious struggle.” Despite the support extended by Russian and Iran, Syrians suffered severe human rights violations. “11 million out of 23 million people have been displaced by the Syrian Conflict and even the most of the fertile areas of Syria have turned to saline land due to non-farming,” said Abhyankar.

He narrated different stories of the displaced people and refugees. The humanitarian crisis that emerged from the discontent with the Assad government has led to breach in International Law also,” he remarked. Women and minorities faced discrimination in public sector. Abhyankar remarked that creation of conditions to rehabilitate the refugees was of immense importance to restore peace in Syria. Dr. Shveta Dhaliwal, Assistant Professor of Political Science, RGNUL, Punjab spoke about the significant role of ANANTA Centre, Delhi in sensitizing young minds on crucial global issues.


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