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Teachers protest-6000 PM, the family farmed 5178 teacher

Teachers protest-6000 PM, the family farmed 5178 teacher

In the matter of technical qualification for the regularization of the Punjab Education Department, 5178 Rural Assistant Teachers have been appointed for the appointment of teachers in November, 2012 and TET in November 2014. (Teacher Eligibility Test) and merit, these teachers were recruited in the recruitment department. In the Appointment Letter of these teachers, after fulfilling all the eligibility criteria for just six thousand rupees a month, the department clearly stated that after three years, your services will be fixed. According to the condition, the contract for these 5178 teachers was completed in November 2017 on which the office of Director Education Department (CSS), Punjab No 15 / 398-2017, Amalaya -2 (6) dated 12-10-2017, 5178 Regularization of teachers’ cases was sought Now, even in April 2018, it has passed, but the order ordered under these orders is lying in the dust in the offices, which have not yet taken any action even after 5 months have elapsed. The Congress government claiming to provide a home-based job in their election manifesto fulfills the eligibility criteria. Those teachers who have received higher education from MAs, M.Sc., M.Phil, PhD will be given small children and old parents. Including the streets and the streets, it is not understood by the political and education cadres. Now, 5178 teachers facing the rumors of rehabilitation at the 10300-plus three-year probation period are saying that during the inflation period, political leaders who are engaged in the streets for the demands of Youth should be self-supporting their families by 10300 .

Teachers protest-6000 PM, the family farmed 5178 teacher—File Photo (Courtesy The Tribune)

What is the government’s folly?

It has also been submitted to the recruitment of teachers (SSA, RAMSA, PICTS) under different societies already getting 40 thousand salary, that if they are to come to the education department they should be paid 10300 monthly salary and in the education department. He may be regularized in which he will be given a grant of Rs 10300 / – in the probation period for three years only. In the current circumstances, most of the teachers who are recruited under the Societies At around 14 thousand had to meet with 65/35 ratio of 4041hajara scale State is to pay the rest of the government. If the teacher decides to be firm on 10300 then the government of the time will be directly funding up to 4 thousand rupees per teacher for the next three years by 2020, in which the last year of the Congress government can be covered under the year 2021 and under the regular process.


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