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Tewari dares Tandon to talk on issues concerning people

Tewari dares Tandon to talk on issues concerning people

Bahadurjeet Singh/Chandigarh,May 24,2024

INDIA bloc candidate from Chandigarh Manish Tewari today challenged his BJP rival Sanjay Tandon to talk on issues concerning the people instead of resorting to personal and malicious attacks while using the proxies.

“You have run away from the debate and are now running a malicious campaign, attacking me personally through your proxies”, he told his BJP opponent, adding, “in public life you can not hide from the public and run from issues for a long time and eventually you will have to face it”.

Speaking during his ‘padyatra’ in Hallo Majra area of the city today, Tewari said, his attention was drawn to the outrageous and malicious personal attacks launched by the BJP against him just because the party had fielded him this time form Chandigarh after Ludhiana and Sri Anandpur Sahib.

“I am confident that the people of Chandigarh are wise enough to see through BJP’s malicious campaign and personal attacks against me”, he said, while challenging the BJP to better list any of their achievements of the last ten years when they enjoyed absolute power in the union territory.

He reiterated his challenge to Tandon that instead of using proxies to attack him (Tewari) he should accept his invitation for a debate. “With great respect and humility, may I ask you why are you shying away from a debate with me?” he asked Tandon, on day twenty-fifth since he first challenged him for the debate.

“Solutions in democracies emerge through dialogue not a top down one way communication”, he told his BJP rival, while adding, “come, let us debate solutions to the problems of Chandigarh”.

Tewari dares Tandon to talk on issues concerning people

Tewari reaffirmed the guarantees of his party, saying once the INDIA government is formed at the centre, every poor family will start receiving Rs 8500 every month, every fresh graduate and diploma holder will get one year apprenticeship with and assured monthly income of Rs 8500 for one year and the minimum daily wages will be raised to Rs 400 from the existing Rs 250.

Tewari was accompanied by senior Congress and AAP leaders including the Chandigarh Congress president HS Lucky and others.


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