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UNITED SIKHS Announces the 2022 AHAA & Sikh Summit at Washington, DC (USA)

UNITED SIKHS Announces the 2022 AHAA & Sikh Summit at Washington, DC (USA)

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

UNITED SIKHS is excited to announce that the 2022 Advocacy & Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) and SIKH SUMMIT will be back this year between July 25th through July 29th, 2022! This five-day hybrid event will take place via ZOOM and in person in Washington, DC. It is designed for students and young professionals, 17 years of age and older, who want to learn and become involved in the struggle for social justice, to engage in civil rights advocacy, to volunteer for international humanitarian aid work and to work on education and healthcare initiatives.

Through completion of AHAA training, a UNITED SIKHS Academy graduate can begin to build important communications skills that provide a life-long competitive edge in politics and in the field of law, business, health and education.

This is a unique opportunity to meet Sikh and other Capitol Hill, national civil rights and government leaders. This comprehensive training program features workshops conducted by qualified speakers including acclaimed national and international civil rights activists and top government officials.

The training will end with a virtual Advocacy Day on July 29, 2022 where AHAA students will have an opportunity to utilize the advocacy skills they learned during the Summit to advocate with Congressmembers on pressing civil and human rights topics.

UNITED SIKHS Announces the 2022 AHAA & Sikh Summit at Washington, DC (USA)
United Sikhs

The AHAA will equip selected applicants with the skills and resources needed to pursue and further a career while pursuing “SEVA” (selfless service).

The Topics for Annual Advocacy & Humanitarian Aid Academy (AHAA) & Sikh Summit this year will include COVID-19; Sikh Religious Rights in the U.S.; Mandatory Vaccinations; Afghan and Ukraine Refugees; Gun Violence; the Mental Health National Crisis; Funding For Local and National NGO Charities; Prisoner’s Rights; Reproductive Rights; the 28th Equal Rights Constitutional Amendment; Justice Reform and Restitution and Religious Freedoms Abroad. Join us to learn more!

UNITED SIKHS will accept applications through July 23, 2022, from outstanding, diversely-qualified, young leaders who want to participate in the AHAA and the Sikh Summit.

For consideration, please complete and return the AHAA application before July 23, 2022 deadline. The form can be found here.

June 21,2022


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