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We love you Whats-App-may you live long-Adish Bajaj

We love you Whats-App-may you live long-Adish Bajaj

Adish Bajaj

In these frivolous times of Covid-19,some sharp some witty some satirical and some malicious and some hurtful Gyan trundled out from our very own Whats App, a friend, an app of some remarkable ideas and in strident demand since the onset of  lockdown. Need I add, unprecedented Covid induced stopover of daily routine brought in much of Whats app Gyan, not to say about the numerous posts about anything and everything .Mutual Concerns, joys and sorrows, family groups, business groups, academic groups, Shared worries, legitimate and illegitimate contents, fun, snippets all came and went. Some desisted some fell prey to the WhatsApp Gyan. On a happier note many a things were shared, invariably. Whats app was full of remedies against prevention of the dreaded, un-documented stories of self experts, advisories from unconfirmed, masks, sanitizers, and good bad and ugly effects of Vodka, and Scary news injecting the mind with despair and helplessness.

The little online ritual WhatsApp made us reconnect & communicate with old pals, acquaintances made us mindful, involved and sometimes acted as a teacher in these exacerbated times. We shared our joys our sorrows, shared wide array of issues, news, meditation and Whatsapp Gyan, came calling, to the confines of our homes. Concoction of Whatsapp Chats,made our lives, and made us appreciate little things, which we ignored earlier.

It made us live a much charming life at that time of Century when the fate of human existence was in jeopardy. Thank you Whatsapp, you stood there for us all in troubled times, nourishing us with everything from Good Morning to Good Night.

We love you,

May you live long till eternity?



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