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YPS students scaled new heights

YPS students scaled new heights

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Yadavindra Public School, Patiala students as part of the Platinum Jubilee activities, completed a 10 days Mountaineering Expedition. A team of 16 students and 2 teachers went for a thrilling Mountaineering Expedition from June 4 to 13. The team successfully conquered Mt. Friendship Peak at 17,346 ft (5287 metres) located near Solang Valley, Manali, HP.

YPS students scaled new heights

During these 10 days of expedition, the team did some basic acclimatisation and activities like snow walking, river crossing, rappelling and long treks initially for a few days. Their base camp was located at 3700 metres. There, the climbers were briefed about the basic equipment and their usage. After getting the hack of all the equipments, the students advanced towards the Summit camp located at 4500 metres.

The team started scaling the peak during the wee hours in the pitch black cold. The extremely steep climb with deep snow was a challenging task for everyone. The students showed unmatched enthusiasm and an unbeatable will power while facing the severe weather conditions and emerged triumphant. They finally conquered the peak.

The entire team was trained for at least one month before the expedition. The rigorous training helped them to face difficulties and stay focused during their climb. The expeditions are an integral part of YPS curriculum and a large number of students participate in various activities every year.

June 18,2022


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