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AIMA Managing India Awards : text of Vice President’s address at 14th AIMA Managing India Awards Ceremony

AIMA Managing India Awards : text of Vice President’s address at 14th AIMA Managing India Awards Ceremony

Kanwar Inder singh/ royalpatiala.in News/ April 23,2024

“India has emerged as a land of hope and possibility, investment and opportunity for good reason” said Vice-President Dhankhar while presiding over the 14th AIMA Managing India Awards Ceremony. The full text of his speech is:

Good evening, all of you. 

Humbled to be invited for this occasion. Gratifying to be amongst industry leaders and promising professionals of Bharat at this distinguished gathering today.

The All India Management Association (AIMA) has emerged as a credible forum of convergence of industry captains and professionals to enhance networks of knowledge, skills and expertise including by rendering due recognition.

The nomenclature-the AIMA Managing India Awards is exemplified and vindicated in action.

Congratulations to the awardees for well deserved recognition. Their success stories will inspire and motivate many and collectively work towards India’s growth.

There was a Chief Justice in the late 80s, Justice Venkat Ramaiya, a great judge. When he came to Rajasthan, I had the occasion, then in the 80s, to be President of the bar. Justice Venkat Ramaiya, the Chief Justice of India, said while he was speaking on contempt, “There is another point of view in life. You must lend that point of view. You must not be instantly judgmental about it. Don’t drop that point of view with a drop of a hat because more often, the other point of view is the correct point of view, and the other point of view is a nectar of life.

These awards are indeed very special. These enhance affirmative public perception and influence. In this I must recognise the contribution of the distinguished jury.

Time for all of us to reflect on the profound responsibilities while we celebrate the success stories of the awardees.

The Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus हेराक्लीटस in pre Socrates era said “Change is the only constant in life.”  Friends-We are amidst this change in its extremity and severity.

The 21st century is already marked with precipitous changes. Disruptive technologies be it AI, IOT, blockchain, machine learning, 6G, Quantum Computing and the kind have made inroads virtually in every facet of human activity offering both opportunities and challenges.

India is in the front line of nations in unleashing these technologies. National Quantum Mission with allocation of over Rs. Six Thousand Crore is already functional. This will seed, nurture and scale up scientific and industrial R&D and create a vibrant & innovative ecosystem in Quantum Technology. It is one such instance. There are many more like Green Hydrogen Mission, Commercialization of 6G and the like.

It seems we are at the threshold of equivalent of another industrial revolution. The world is grappling with the speed, scale, complexity, and transformative power of these technologies.

Now science fictions are fast taking shape of science facts and technology fusion is the main driver.

Friends, historically, technological innovations have been considered as the main drivers for sustainable economic development and geometric productivity growth.

Now the new breed of technology is required to be harnessed for substantial role in wealth creation and socio-political stability.

These technologies have a potential to cause broader societal transformation by changing the existing economic sectors, tenets of work, production, and consumption. It lies, friends, in your domain to harness these technologies and convert challenges into opportunities.

Building skills into the workforce of Industry is imperative. There is a dire need to identify and develop the disciplines and the required missing abilities in order to build suitable skills into the workforce of industry.

One needs to step out of “bubble” to experience the environment of Hope and Possibility, the exponential growth and feel unstoppable upsurge.

“India has more Promise than any large country in this world”

Last few years have been a period of epochal change for India. India is very much fast moving towards becoming a global superpower.  Its rise is phenomenal and now unstoppable.

Friends our Bharat, home to one sixth of humanity, is now-

Fastest Growing Major Economy,

The Fastest Growing Major Stock Market,

The World’s Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem.

The Fastest Growing Startups Ecosystem,

The Fastest Growing Real Estate Market.


For development of nation, on one hand we are delving deep into the sea to make most of blue economy. On land, we are scratching beyond the surface. And in the sky and space, we are soaring high.

There is no doubt that India is in full preparedness to emerge as a future global superpower and a global leader.

Affirmative governance policies and initiatives have enhanced opportunity basket enabling industry to focus on this space of activity. Captains of industry and its workforce have significantly contributed in that change and shaped the future of our country.

Today, I urge each one of you to recognize the pivotal role you play in shaping the next generation of leaders. Your mentorship, guidance, and unwavering support are indispensable in nurturing the talents of young, dynamic individuals and preparing them to assume leadership roles in their own right.

I earnestly appeal you to support and handhold entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations in your own domains. Your wisdom, experience & guidance can help create an unparalleled enabling ecosystem.

Collective wisdom of Indian Industry has potential to avail the great benefits of technology and new vistas of opportunities and its role is critical in India’s Marathon March to Vikasit Bharat@2047 to mark century of our independence. Even if some may not live to see the finish line, let’s dedicate ourselves to enjoying the journey and contributing to its grand success.

Ladies and gentlemen, India has in recent years in the wake of severe head winds successfully traversed the extremely challenging terrain from being among the Fragile Five economies a decade ago to becoming the fifth largest global economy. India will be positioned as the third largest economy in the world by the turn of this decade, if not earlier.

Friends, this is no small achievement.  In 1991 our economy size was less than that of cities of London and Paris. Then our gold had to be physically pledged to two Swiss Banks. What a commendable journey with now nation being cosy with its foreign exchange reserves of over 600 billion US Dollars and occupying the slot of being fifth largest global economy.

India has emerged as a land of hope and possibility, investment and opportunity for good reason. The IMF, WB and WEF accolades for our economic growth and digitisation penetration are indeed well premised, deserved and earned.

Equitable development, transparent and accountable governance and zero accommodation for corruption are new norms. Adoption of technology, penetration of digitization, direct transfer and the like have contributed to decimation of corruption. This ecosystem fairly allows all to exploit their talent and expand their potential to realise aspirations. Now meritocracy prevails over anything else.

Concept of Aspirational Districts, Smart Cities and Vibrant Villages define governance directions and futuristic outlook. Our urban centers have experienced remarkable progress and growth, as development has touched lives in all corners of the country. However, there is potential for further advancement in rural India.

Embracing this opportunity for development not only fosters inclusivity but also brings about a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities across our nation.

Eminent individuals of the industry and professionals such as yourselves have a pivotal role to play as partners in further enhancing this trend of equitable growth.

Your insights, expertise, and vision are invaluable assets that can significantly impact the lives of citizens and shape the trajectory of our nation. Your partnership in governance can be transformational, transcending barriers and differences, to build a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Each of us, in our respective capacities, has a responsibility to give back to society. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is much beyond a legal obligation; it is a moral imperative and a powerful tool for social change. Industry is by and large gainfully channelising CSR.

I urge you to harness the potential of CSR initiatives to touch lives, uplift communities, and drive sustainable development. Together, let us converge our collective efforts towards addressing pressing social issues, fostering innovation, and creating a legacy of positive change.

In developed nations Research and Development is spurred by industry.  Same is the situation when it comes to creation, development and nurturing of institutions of eminence.

I have no doubt that our industry and professional leadership coupled with rich human resource can help us create world class R&D Centres and Institutions of eminence. Pooling of CSR funds for this purpose even by those at the top can do wonders. I am sure this suggestion is worth deliberation and consideration by the industry elite.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is said that “Management is about doing things right, leadership is about doing right things”.  But more importantly, there is also a caveat which says – “Quality of Leadership is reflected in the standards leaders set for themselves”.

India will need constant concerted effort under that quality Leadership, to realize our collective resolve of Viksit Bharat by 2047, when the nation celebrates the centenary of its independence. I urge you to play your role relentlessly as catalysts of change!

Time for us to pitch for economic nationalism and pledge to use locally manufactured products, as it conserve precious foreign exchange in billions of dollars apart from boosting employment and entrepreneurship.  Avoidable imports driven by mere fiscal gain may improve your fiduciary balance sheet but will slur your societal commitment. Financial gain can never be justification for compromising national interest.

Friends- same is the alarmingly worrisome scenario when raw materials as such without value addition are exported.

I call upon industry, trade, business and commerce leadership and associations to nurture the spirit of economic nationalism – shun avoidable imports and curb raw material exports.

Let us remember that with unprecedented rise of our nation comes even greater responsibility for us all. As leaders and influencers in your respective domains, I urge you to embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly and to commit yourselves to the noble cause of nation-building. Together, let us strive to leave behind a legacy of progress, compassion, and unity.

I hope that these awards will inspire others to emulate your commitment, spirit and vision.

I wish you all success in your future endeavours.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to honour the stalwarts.

Jai Hind!



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