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Anti-Plastic warriors rally of Modern School

Anti-Plastic warriors rally of Modern School

Patiala-Modern Senior Secondary School, Patiala organized a mass awareness rally on the ill-effects of indiscriminate use of plastic in their school today. Every student of the school took part in the ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign by holding aloft banners that carried slogans to dissuade the use of plastic in the school and the city.

The campaign started with a heartfelt speech by the Principal of the school, Tripatjit Kaur and was followed by a pledge to shun plastic and initiate the change they wish to see in the society for a safer and a cleaner environment. The green crusaders did rounds of the vicinity, shouting slogans to spread the message. After that, the NCC girls and boys of the school went to Guru Ravi Das Park to start ‘ShramDan’ that is cleaning of the part and segregating the waste/ litter found there.

Modern Senior Secondary School, Patiala boasts of an environment club to inculcate eco-friendly habits in its students and community service is a mandatory part of the curriculum. The management of Modern Senior Secondary School, Patiala along with the municipal corporation of Patiala has taken the no-plastic initiative in which they will maintain the adjoining park, make compost pits, organic gardening and ultimately make the school a NO-PLASTIC ZONE.



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