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BJP people have become so arrogant that they have started considering Narendra Modi above God – Kejriwal

BJP people have become so arrogant that they have started considering Narendra Modi above God – Kejriwal

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in News/ May 28,2024

National Convenor of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed the Vyapari Milani program in Ludhiana on Tuesday. He appealed to the people of Ludhiana to make AAP candidate Ashok Parashar Pappi win and said that the AAP candidate will raise all your issues in Parliament and will fight at the central level for your rights.

Addressing the traders in the town hall meeting, Kejriwal said that a year ago, I and CM Bhagwant Mann had held several meetings with traders in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Mohali. We had meetings with traders and industrialists of every city for 3-3 hours and listened to their problems. After this, Bhagwant Mann went to Hoshiarpur, Dasuya, Dinanagar, Patiala, Moga and Pathankot and met with the traders.

Kejriwal said that before our government was formed, the condition of business and industry in Punjab was so bad that the industries here were leaving Punjab and going to Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and the surrounding states. Within the last 2 years, the trend of industries leaving Punjab has stopped and new industries are coming to Punjab. Punjab, under the Mann government, got investments worth 56 thousand crores. Foreign companies are also now buying land for industries here. After Jamshedpur, Tata Steel’s biggest plant is now being set up in Punjab.

Kejriwal said that last time I came to listen to your problems but this time I have come to ask for your support. You people gave us a huge majority in the assembly two years ago. These are the Lok Sabha elections. This time make us strong at the center. Make the Aam Aadmi Party win all 13 seats, then only Punjab will reverberate inside the Lok Sabha. He said that all our MPs will raise the voice of the people of Punjab and get all the issues related to the center resolved. When we will have 13 MPs from Punjab, then the central government cannot stop even ₹1 of Punjab’s funds.

Arvind Kejriwal said that four years ago when farmers marched towards Delhi for the agitation, the Modi government did not allow them to enter Delhi. Stopped them at the border. Nails were put on the road. Big bulldozers were parked on the road. 750 farmers died during the agitation. Most of them were from Punjab. Now they are threatening Punjabis to topple their government. So this time press such a button that BJP and Narendra Modi are out of Delhi. This is the time to take revenge for the farmers’ agitation.

Kejriwal said that the people of BJP have created dictatorship in the country. Elections were announced on March 16 and I was arrested on March 21 because Modi ji was afraid that if Kejriwal was not arrested, Kejriwal would campaign around the whole country, which would reduce his seats.

BJP people have become so arrogant that they have started considering Narendra Modi above God - Kejriwal

BJP people have become so arrogant that they have started considering Narendra Modi above God – Kejriwal said that the arrogance of BJP has increased so much that for Lord Jagannath, who is called the lord of the whole world, BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra said that Lord Jagannath is a devotee of Modi ji. They have become so arrogant that they have started considering Modi ji above God. Just a few days ago, Modi ji was saying in his interview that I was not born from the womb of my mother. I have been sent to earth directly by God. I am an incarnation of God. Kejriwal said that in a few days, BJP people will remove the idols of God from temples and install the idol of Modi ji. They say that Modi ji has brought Lord Ram. Whereas this universe has been created by Lord Ram.

Recounting the works of the AAP government of Punjab, Kejriwal said that when we used to go for the election campaign last time, I used to say that I have made the electricity bills zero in Delhi, I will make yours zero too. People did not believe that electricity bills can be zero. Now there is electricity for 24 hours and the bill is zero. This is not the case anywhere in the whole country.  Electricity bills are zero only in Delhi and Punjab, where the Aam Aadmi Party is in power. This happened because our party is honest and we saved money by stopping corruption and are benefiting you people with that money. Now mohalla clinics are opening in various places in Punjab. We are making schools of eminence. We are not asking for votes in the name of religion and caste like the BJP, but on the basis of our work.

He said that the Modi government does not want Punjab to develop. It has withheld funds worth about 9 thousand crores of Punjab. Out of this, Rs 5,500 crore is the money of the Rural Development Fund. This RDF money was to be used to build roads in every village. The money of the National Health Mission has also been withheld, which could have been used to build more Mohalla clinics. They are doing this because the BJP wants to stop the development of Punjab.

Kejriwal attacked Amit Shah and said that he has threatened the people of Punjab that after June 4, he will topple the AAP government of Punjab and remove Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. He said that Amit Shah’s main objective of toppling the AAP government is to stop your free electricity and Mohalla clinics. So do not vote for the BJP at any cost. Respond to the BJP’s dictatorship by voting for the Aam Aadmi Party.

(Ludhiana/ Chandigarh)


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