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Bring change, get rid of liars: Priyanka exhorts people

Bring change, get rid of liars: Priyanka exhorts people

Bahadurjeet Singh/Chandigarh,May 26,2024

Urging people to get rid of liars, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi today exhorted upon the people to bring change in the country and also in their lives by electing the Congress/INDIA government.

Addressing a largely attended public rally, attended by about twenty-five thousand people, in support of the INDIA bloc candidate Manish Tewari here today,  Gandhi, countered the BJP’s charges that Congress was anti-Hindu, saying the philosophy of the Congress was based on the teachings of Gita which taught truth, love, harmony and non-violence.

She pointed out how the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had only exploited religious sentiments of people coupled with fake promises like depositing Rs 15 lakhs in every Indian’s bank account, or providing two crore jobs every year and doubling the income of farmers.

Referring to Prime Minister Modi’s claims that he never talked about Hindu-Muslim things and if he had talked like that, he didn’t deserve to be the Prime Minister, Gandhi said, he had finally admitted that he did not deserve to be the Prime Minister as all through these years and in every election he had only been talking about Hindu-Muslim things and never about the issues facing the country and its people.

Alleging that Modi had lowered the dignity of the office of the Prime Minister, she said, no Prime Minister, irrespective of which party he/she belonged to had talked the way Modi was talking. She said, despite being in opposition, leaders like her felt ashamed of what Modi was saying. After all he is everybody’s Prime Minister, she told a strong crowd of about twenty-five thousand people.

The Congress general secretary said, Modi would always avoid talking about the pressing issues facing the country like unemployment, inflation and farmers’ plight. She pointed out, unemployment was highest in 45 years with 70 crore jobless people in the country. Inflation, she added, had reached its peak making life difficult and farming was no more remunerative.

She urged people to bring change in the country to bring change in their lives and elect the Congress/INDIA government that will address the issues that concern them the most.

Bring change, get rid of liars: Priyanka exhorts people Gandhi referred to various guarantees of the Congress party. She said, every poor family will receive Rs 8500 every month. She announced that every fresh graduate will get one year apprenticeship with an assured income of Rs one lakh for that period. Besides, she added, the Congress government will fill up thirty lakh vacancies in various government departments.

She said the Congress party will waive off the debt of farmers and set up a permanent Debt Relief Commission which will examine their cases from time to time. Besides, she added, there will be legal guarantee for the MSP on various crops.

She pointed out, while farmers were committing suicide for loans worth Rs 50,000, one or two laksh, Modi had waived off Rs 16 lakh crores worth of loan of 22 billionaires.

She also referred to the Agnipath scheme, which had disappointed and crushed the aspirations of the country’s youth who wanted to join the army.

Making a fervent appeal to the people to vote for the Congress, she pointed out, only the Congress party thinks about their welfare.

Among those present on the occasion included senior party leader and former union minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, Chandigarh Congress president HS Lucky, Manish Tewari, Vivek Bansal and others.


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