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Central University of Punjab turns 15: celebrates its Foundation Day with a grand ceremonial event

Central University of Punjab turns 15: celebrates its Foundation Day with a grand ceremonial event

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in News/ February 28,2024

The Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (CU Punjab), under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari, commemorated its 15th Foundation Day by acknowledging the achievements of scientists, faculty, staff, and students in their respective domains during a grand ceremonial event.  The Chief Guest of this programme was Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice-Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. Prof. D.K. Singh, Executive Director, AIIMS Bathinda, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

During the event, Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, the Chief Guest, commended the CU Punjab fraternity for their achievements in education and research over fifteen years. He delivered a foundation day lecture titled ‘Low Back Pain and Segmental Stabilization’, addressing the rising prevalence of Low Back Ache (LBA) due to sedentary lifestyles. Prof. Sandhu emphasized that LBA is a pressing issue, with its causes ranging from organic to nanographic factors. He highlighted that the spine bears significant pressure, even in standing positions, and discussed the importance of spinal restoration through various body postures. Prof. Sandhu stressed that research suggests running exerts less pressure on the spine than general weight lifting. He outlined physical signs of spinal instability and emphasized the role of Spinal Stabilization Exercises like bridges and bilateral leg exercises in improving lumbar spine function. Prof. Sandhu underscored the importance of healthy back by adopting preventive measures, including light stretching, core strengthening, avoiding prolonged static postures, maintaining correct postures, and employing stress management techniques etc.

In his presidential address, Vice Chancellor Raghavendra Tiwari highlighted the Central University of Punjab’s significant progress in teaching, research, and innovation over its 15-year journey, achieving A+ accreditation from NAAC and consistent placement among India’s top 100 universities in the NIRF Ranking in last five years. He expressed his gratitude towards founder Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jai Rup Singh and former Vice-Chancellors Prof. R.K. Kohli for laying a strong foundation on which the university can accomplish greater heights in near future. He affirmed the university’s commitment to holistic education aligned with NEP-2020, fostering values and skills in students to empower them to contribute towards actualization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Viksit Bharat @2047. Prof. Tiwari urged young individuals to lead sustainable lifestyles, prioritize environmental conservation, and embrace the four purusharthas of Sanatani culture: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha to ensure purposeful life.

During this ceremony, special awards and appreciation certificates were presented to university students, research scholars, faculty, and staff members for their outstanding annual performance. Pratibha Banerjee (Dept. of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine) received the Chancellor’s Award for the best PhD student, while Anugha MS (Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics) and Sajida Banoo (Dept. of Physical Education) were honored with the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for the best PG Girl students. Prof. Amandeep Kaur (Dept. of Computer Science and Technology) was recognized with the best Teacher Award. Ram Kumar (Assistant), Ashwani Kumar (Sr. Technical Assistant), and Parminder Singh (Driver) received the best non-teaching employee award in the administrative, technical, and supporting categories, respectively.

Central University of Punjab turns 15: celebrates its Foundation Day with a grand ceremonial event

On this occasion, Adarsh Kumar from the Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Natural Products was presented with the best research scholar award. Additionally, the CUPB Outstanding Research Award in sciences and social sciences was bestowed upon Dr. Achchhe Lal Sharma (Dept. of Physics) and Prof. Sandeep Kaur (Dept. of Economics), respectively. Dr. Prafulla Kumar Sahoo (Dept. of EVST) and Dr. Ashok Kumar (Dept. of Physics) were honored with the Role of Honor Award for receiving five commendation certificates. Twenty Seven faculty members received Research Award for publishing in a high impact journal, and their names are as follows Dr. Achchhe Lal Sharma, Dr. Shashank Kumar, Dr. Balachandran Vellingiri, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Krishna Kumar Haldar, Dr. Suresh Thareja, Dr. Jaswinder Singh Bhatti, Dr. Prafulla Kumar Sahoo, Dr. Sachin Kumar, Prof. Anjana Munshi, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar, Prof. Aklank Jain, Dr. Uma Shankar, Dr. Ravindresh Chhabra, Dr. Hari Krishna Reddy, Dr. Puneet Kumar, Dr. Vikas Jaitak, Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Prof. Raj Kumar, Dr. Randhir Singh, Dr. Shruti Kanga, Dr. Pritam Chand, Prof. Sandeep Kaur, Dr. Ruchita Verma and Dr. Dhanraj Sharma.  Prof. Shankar Lal Bika got appreciation certificate for getting recognitionas Best Rehabilitation Professional in Special Education. Dayal Singh (Cook) also got appreciation certificate for his consistent good service.

Central University of Punjab turns 15: celebrates its Foundation Day with a grand ceremonial event. During the cultural programme, students featured spectacular singing, dancing, and other performances on topical issues of great relevance. Towards the end, Dr. Vijay Sharma, Registrar, delivered a formal vote of thanks. The ceremony was attended by faculty, staff members, and students of the university.


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