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Doctor who highlighted the Global campaign on Common but Fatal Disease prevention, turns 83 today

Doctor who highlighted the Global campaign on Common but Fatal Disease prevention, turns 83 today

Jaswant Singh Puri/ February 17,2023

Dr. Ajit Singh Puri a well-known medical specialist of repute, son of legendary Diwan KS Puri, turns 83 today.

He did his MBBS and MD (Clinical Medicine) from Govt Medical College, Patiala, India. He has been doing par excellent work in the field of medicine. He is the doctor who has been decorated with prestigious fellowships like FICP (Fellow of the Indian College of Physicians), FCAI (Fellow of the Indian College of Allergy and Applied Immunology), FICA (Fellow of the International College of Angiology). He has also the honour to be bestowed with D.Sc. (Honoris Causa). He has the distinction to be prized with Punjab Ratan, Miraculous Medal from the Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta, Royal Assyrian Order of Merit.Many more awards can be listed in his honour for his commendable work in the medical profession.

Dr. Puri has been working ceaselessly for the last 57 years on a global mission to create awareness about the early detection, prevention and right treatment of common but fatal diseases.

People who lack awareness often die young due to serious diseases and leave their families in trouble. Dr. Puri has observed it in his career after a thorough analysis and research. He stressed in his interviews with the Press Trust of India, New Delhi published in reputed dailies like The Statesman, The Asian Age, The Indian Express etc. under the Common Head ‘Nip Ailments in the Bud’ meaning that “hidden or occult diseases can often be detected in infancy. They are likely to go unnoticed and appear only when they have reached an advanced stage. When detected late, treatment can be costly or may not be available in the best possible hospital or institute”. “For early detection of diseases, a massive awareness programme is essential, particularly by the media”. Dr. Ajit Singh Puri also laid emphasis in his interview on the Japanese TV, Sri Lanka TV etc. Since the very beginning of Global Campaign,media in India and abroad have been playing a vital and significant role in creating awareness among the masses. A reputed newspaper ‘The Tribune’ carried Dr. Puri’s very informative article ‘Warning Signals of Diseases’ more than 57 years ago in the year 1965.With the passing of years, a number of articles, reviews, write-ups, monographs, news items were flooded by leading newspapers and magazines of repute and popularity.

Dr. Ajit Singh Puri’s wife Smt. Alka Puri has always inspired Dr. Puri in the uninterrupted continuation of his Global Mission for Detection, Prevention and Treatment of Common but Fatal diseases. Their only son, Jaswant Singh Puri is following his footsteps of social service.

Dr. Ajit Singh Puri has been spearheading his campaign for early detection of diseases by organizing camps, displaying and distributing posters, releasing brochures, delivering radio/TV talks. He delivered a TV talk in Canada, participated in meetings as of General Medical Council, Royal Society of Medicine, London, Ceylon College of Physicians, Sri Lanka. He has presented research based valuable data, chair sessions in World Conferences etc. so that masses get an easy access to common but fatal diseases. He also visits various countries, hospitals and universities in pursuit of his well acclaimed mission.

Doctor who highlighted the Global campaign on Common but Fatal Disease prevention, turns 83 today-Puri Doctor who highlighted the Global campaign on Common but Fatal Disease prevention, turns 83 today-Puri Doctor who highlighted the Global campaign on Common but Fatal Disease prevention, turns 83 today-Puri Doctor who highlighted the Global campaign on Common but Fatal Disease prevention, turns 83 today-Puri

As a part of his Global Campaign, Dr. Ajit Singh Puri has written a world renowned book ‘Speaking of How to Prevent Common Diseases’ which is dedicated to Mother Teresa – an Apostle of Love and Peace. This valuable book contains Dr. Puri’s discussions with medical authorities all over the world. The simple and comprehensive book has been acclaimed worldwide in 36 countries and carries a ‘Foreword’by Lord Walton, Former President, British Medical Association, London. Lord Walton wrote: “Dr. Puri has written this book to draw attention to the important principles and guidelines relating to the early diagnosis and prevention of commoner diseases which afflict mankind.”Ase Elin Bjerke, Adviser, WHO Transition Team observes:“Dr. Ajit Singh Puri’s bookis intended to make the larger public aware of how they can detect, prevent and treat common fatal diseases. It is very important that experts close to the situation on the ground reach out in this way to make the larger masses aware of how diseases can be combated, often in simple and straightforward ways”. Another appreciation about the book by WHO Director, External Cooperation and Partnerships, B.P. Kean says:“I trust that the book has served the purpose for which it was written by preserving the well-being of many who would otherwise have fallen seriously ill”.

Really, these words of B.P. Kean are fantastic, stupendous, notable and unveiling the purpose of this precious book for the masses. Hindustan Times, Asian Age observed: Commending Dr. Puri’s work, the WHO has kept the book in its library for consultation by the International Community of Scientists, students and practitioners.

Keeping in view the world epidemics of SARS and Bird Flu, Dr. Ajit Singh Puri authored the notable bookAll You Wanted To know about SARS appreciated by the Government of Russia and Bird Flu: Countering the Terror with media coverage. Dr. Puri whole heartedly contributed in grave crisis like the Plague Epidemic (With the help of WHO), Uttrakhand Floods and Dengue Outbreaks. He wrote a beneficial and needed book of the times on Dengue named as Deadly Dengue: Detection, Prevention and Treatment.

The above is an overall glimpse and review of Dr. Ajit S. Puri’s longest 57 years of Global Humanitarian Campaign by virtue of his constant and consistent efforts with selfless service to the forefront. WHO has whole heartedly admired this novel concept under the aegis of the United Nations .WHO is playing an important role to propagate and spread the campaign.

The campaign awakens the weaker sections of the society so that fatal diseases could be diagnosed and treated in infancy with the minimum possible cost. It is Dr. Puri’s lifetime humanitarian mission and he is sure that his well- recognized published work would enlighten the world masses for years to come. Dr.Puri’s avant-garde initiative is hardly comparable. It has to be treated as something unique so that others could follow it for the betterment and welfare of humankind and set an example to extend it to the new generations.

(The views expressed are personal)


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