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Career counseling session organised at IET Bhaddal

Career counseling session organised at IET Bhaddal

Bahadurjeet Singh/Rupnagar,February 16,2023

In an effort to provide career guidance to Matric  twelfth class students from Government Senior Secondary School,Behrampur Zimidara  and Government Senior Secondary School,Mianpur, a career counseling session was organized at IET Bhaddal Technical Campus,Bhaddal near Rupnagar.

The career counseling session was aimed to provide students with valuable information about potential career paths and to help them make decisions about their future.

Representatives from various departments of the college, including engineering, business, pharmacy, hotel management, were present to answer students’ questions and provide insights into the various programs available.

The event kicked off with a presentation by the college’s career counseling department, which provided an overview to students of the various resources available  including course details , sports, cultural events ,  and placements services. Following the presentation, students were given the opportunity to interact with the representatives from different departments and learn more about specific fields of their interest. The presentation was given by  college counseling team  Nileshwar Tak, and Dr. Kanchan Sharma.

Career counseling session organised at IET Bhaddal

On this occasion, Campus-Director Dr. S. S. Bindra said, “Such Career counseling events can  help students identify their interests, strengths, and values, which can be useful in choosing a career. I would encourage other school authorities who are interested in attending such career session  contact our counseling team.” he added.

Anju, Rajesh Kumar from Government Senior Secondary School Mianpur and Bhupinder Singh , Pooja from Government Senior Secondary School,Behrampur were also present.

Overall, the career counseling session was a success, with college hoping to continue to provide such valuable resources and opportunities for other  students in the future.

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