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Dr Gandhi condemns attack on Manjit Singh GK

Dr Gandhi condemns attack on Manjit Singh GK

Patiala-Dr. Dharmavira Gandhi, Member Parliament,Patiala has condemned the attack on Delhi Gurudwara Parbhandak Committee President Manjit Singh GK in America. In a written statement released to the press today, he stated that such behaviour towards persons holding divergent views is not only undemocratic and against the right to freedom of expression, it also violates the Sikh traditions, particularly the philosophy ingrained in the Guru’s teaching “Jab lag dunia rahie Nanak, kichh sunie kichh kahie” (Oh Nanak! As long as you are in this world, listen and speak to others), signifying thereby, the importance of dialogue.

Dr. Gandhi stated that such methods used by some individuals to express their opposition, not only tarnish the image of the Punjabis but also, the glorious Sikh religious traditions. Pointing out the significance of freedom of expression and of dialogue, he stated that however sharp the difference of opinion there may be, the only acceptable response is dialogue and debate.

Dr Gandhi condemns attack on Manjit Singh GK

He said that on the one side, the organizations such as the ‘Khalsa Aid’ have risen above the distinctions of religion, caste, ethnicity and region and are, thus, glorifying the Sikh traditions by helping the people affected by the Kerala floods, while on the other in hand, the incidents such as thrashing and insulting within the Gurudwara precinct only make the Punjabis and the Sikhs in particular to hang their heads in shame.

While clearing his position of not interfering in the internal affairs of any religious community, Dr. Dharamvira Gandhi, M.P., Patiala, appealed to all Sikh brethren to shun such fratricidal feuds.



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