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Follow teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji to achieve real wisdom: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Follow teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji to achieve real wisdom: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Gurpreet Kaur/ royalpatiala.in/ Amritsar

Guru Nanak Dev University celebrated 50th Foundation Day with great enthusiasm here today at various venues in the University campus. Academicians, scholars, students and eminent personalities participated in these celebrations and had Guru Ka Langar together  arranged by the University.

Follow teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji to achieve real wisdom:Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar delivered Foundation Day golden Jubilee Lecture and Chiranjiv Singh, I.A.S. (Retd.), Former Ambassador of India, UNESCO, Paris delivered an academic lecture   in the Dasmesh Auditorium of the University. While welcoming, Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice Chancellor presented the report of the development of the University since its inception. Prof. S.S. Behl, Dean Academic Affairs presented vote of thanks while Prof. K.S. Kahlon, Registrar coordinated the event.  Prof. Anish Dua conducted the proceedings. Gurjit Singh Aujla, Member Parliament and a large number of dignitaries and students were present.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that the contribution of Punjab in existence of Bharat could not be denied. He further said that the Punjab is land of five rivers but it can be said it is a land of sixth river and this sixth river could be stated as river of wisdom and knowledge which flowed because of 550 years back when Guru Nanak blessed this land. He said that real tribute to 550th Day of Prakash Purab is to serve humanity by preaching Gurbani by translating it in various languages to reach all corners of the world.

He said that when Guru Nanak came, there were lot of evils like castism, gender inequality and degradation of values with orthodox society. He gave the message of oneness. He said that whatever scientist are struggling to find today was preached by Guru Nanak Dev ji many years ago.

He said that instead of searching peace all over one should concentrate everyday for couple of minutes and meditate so that mind gets back to the soul and becomes one. Irrespective of social differences in religion one should search peace in our consciousness. He said that Guru Nanak Dev ji brought wisdom into experience while staying in social life. He also expressed his happiness over the neat and clean campus of the University.

Chiranjiv Singh, I.A.S. Retd. said that the Avtaar of Guru Nanak Dev ji on this earth was boon for humanity. He expressed his views in details on ‘Guru Ji disappearance in holy Rivulet (Kali Vein) flowing along the North end of the city and then Re-appeared after three days with the teaching of “na koi hindu, na koi muslman” {no one is Hindu, no one is Muslim} with reference to other religions of the world.

He said that in the modern era, the google information avialble, there is the biggest challenge for the teacher to impart education. The role of the teacher in the modern education system is not only imparting knowledge to students but also to be a real architect of new generation responsible to build the personality of the modern citizen. So he advised teachers to identify their roles how to impart education while maintaining teacher-student relationship.

On this occasion, the Folklore Exhibition and Painting exhibition were the main attractions. In the evening, special Kirtan Darbar at the University Gurdwara Sahib was organized followed by Langer .



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