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Health Deptt warns against fake Measles Rubella video

Health Deptt warns against fake Measles Rubella video

Bathinda-Warning people against a fake viral video on social media regarding measles rubella vaccination campaign, the Civil Surgeon Bathinda Dr Hari Narain Singh stated that the video is false propaganda. He said that the video states that campaign is danger to people of minority class, which is baseless and without an iota of fact. He instead appealed people to participate in this campaign for the well being of our children – the future generation. He added that the video was trying to mislead common man.

He added that measles was disease that claims 50000 lives every year in country. To put an end to this, under the World Health Organization (WHO) children aged 9 months to 15 years would be administered Measles Rubella vaccination. He added that for the past many years, people have been getting their children vaccinated against this disease in private institutes. But since the vaccine was very expensive, poor people did not have access to it.

Health Deptt warns against fake Measles Rubella video

On recommendation from WHO, the government took initiative of administering this vaccine free of cost. He added that till now 8 cr children have been vaccinated and no adverse effect of the vaccine has come forth. He said that the campaign will begin in Punjab from May 1. Under this first all school, anganwaris etc would be covered. He added that various non governmental organizations, IMA, private schools association etc are extending support in making this campaign a success.

Deputy Commissioner Bathinda appealed people to get their children vaccinated and not be carried away by the fake claims on social media.


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