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Health seminar on Preventive health,fitness & anti-aging

Health seminar on Preventive health,fitness & anti-aging  

Panchkula: As many as 100 female attended a health seminar on ‘Preventive health, fitness and anti-aging’ at Ivy Hospital, Panchkula. The seminar was organised in association of Haryana Women Welfare Association and Panchkula Ladies Club.

Addressing seminar, Dr. Deepak Puri, executive director-Cardiac Sciences & global chairman of Cardiomersion said that life-style diseases are the biggest cause of illness and death nowadays. Foremost of these include heart diseases which account for 17-million deaths out of 58-million who die worldwide every year.

He said , longer you live a healthy life the better your chances of remaining fit and living longer. The definition of fitness is changing over the years and now includes not only good appearance, healthy body but also includes a healthy and balanced mind with a healthy heart.

Health seminar on Preventive health,fitness & anti-aging

The onset of life style diseases starts in the first decade itself and how fast it will progress depends on the lifestyle adopted by the individual which are modifiable as well as non-modifiable hereditory risk factors. As the Indians are the most susceptible race as far as life style diseases are concerned and the onset among Indians is much earlier compared to Western population thus we need to spread awareness about preventive health in young age and adopt healthy life style to remain fit and healthy.

The 80% of life style diseases are preventable but people always ignore this important aspect till these diseases actually affect their health said Dr Puri adding we are therefore launching a preventive health and fitness program to motivate people to adopt health life style .



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