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IMA Rupnagar conducts annual medical update

IMA Rupnagar conducts annual medical update

Bahadurjeet Singh/Rupnagar

Indian Medical Association (IMA),Rupnagar conducted its ” Annual Medical Update” .This was the biggest Medical event conducted by IMA in the history of  Rupnagar district.

Around 300 delegates from all over Punjab , Haryana , Himachal etc attended the same. Session was inaugurated by IMA,Rupnagar  patron Dr RS Parmar  and IMA Rupnagar president  Dr Ajay Jindal .

The  “Annual Medical Update – 2022” had a two day session with “ Laparoscopic and  CPR Workshops “ held on the first day at Parmar Hospital. The Laparoscopic Workshop consisted of providing 1st hand live training to Surgeons and  Gynaecologists in the surgeries using advanced Laparoscopic Units at the Parmar Hospital. The live session was presided by Dr BPS Parmar who guided the surgeries and provided hands on training to Surgeons from Chandigarh , Mohali , Amritsar and Panchkula.

The second session called “Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – CPR workshop “ at Parmar ospital was meant to provide first hand live training to medical professionals in life saving first hand technique  called CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. This is the most important technique to save life and provide first aid to a patient who collapses and medical help is not available immediately. It was Chaired By Dr Sushil Kumar (Anaesthesiologist at Parmar Hospital ) and he was accompanied by Senior Anaesthesiologists like Dr Arun Kumar Sharma from Rupnagar  and Dr Mandeep Kumar (PGI Chandigarh).

IMA Rupnagar conducts annual medical update

Second day session (CME) was held at Grand Orchard Resort where more than 300 delegates attended the same. Guest Speakers came from Notable Medical Institutions like PGI , GMCH sector- 32 Chandigarh , Fortis Hospital Mohali etc and shared their insights on key medical Scenerio.

Dr Ajay Jindal (President IMA Rupnagar) while sharing his thoughts asked the delegates to cultivate the habit of new learning and motivated everyone to come forward for such knowleageable interactions.

Present on the occasion were notable Medical Personalities like Dr Paramjit Mann (President IMA Punjab ) , Dr HN Sharma (Former civil surgeon Rupnagar) , Dr Bhim Sain ,  Dr Dharam Singh (Eminent Gynaecologist ) , Dr Surjit Singh (Eminent Orthopaedician of Rupnagar district ), Dr Pawan Sharma ( Opthalmologist)..

December 19,2022


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