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In Punjab, January power demand increase by 8.6 percent amid intense cold and 300 units free power

In Punjab, January power demand increase by 8.6 percent amid intense cold and 300 units free power

Kanwar Inder singh/ royalpatiala.in News/ February 1,2024

The power demand in  January in Punjab increased by  8.6 percent as compared to last year’s January supply due to  intense cold waves and free  600 units of  power for domestic consumers  in a by-monthly  billing cycle. The maximum power demand also increased by 5.5 percent in January this year as compared to last year.

The maximum power demand of the day touched a new high of 9546 MW against last January’s high of 9051 MW during corresponding period. The maximum average power demand is 8610 MW between the  range of 6987 MW to 9546  MW

The power demand rose by 8.6 percent from 46158 million units in  January 2023 to 50127  million units during corresponding period  this year. The average power supply  in January is 1590 million units.

PSPCL’s own thermal plants at Ropar and Lehra Mohabbat supplied 7920 lakh units in January. The average daily thermal supply from plants in  January this year is  255 lakh units  and this  ranged from 206 to 307 lakh units daily.

The hydro generation by PSPCL owned plants decreased by 35 % from 3067 lakh units  in Jan 23 to 1925 lakh units this year. The average hydro generation from own sources was 63 lakh units.  Ranjit Sagar Dam project, a 600-MW hydel unit of PSPCL has been closed for one month upto February 16  for construction works at Shahpur Kandi Dam.

PSPCL officials claimed that they successfully met the increased power demand through optimum utilisation of its resources and with minimum power cuts. The average shortage in the state during January 2024 was 27.42 lakh units .

The Punjab government has provided a subsidy of Rs. 17121 crores till January end out of budget provisions of Rs.20243 crores.


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