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JGND Punjab State Open University organized ‘Plantation Drive’

JGND Punjab State Open University organized ‘Plantation Drive’

Kanwar Inder Singh/ royalpatiala.in

Jagat Guru Nank Dev Punjab State Open University, Patiala, the One and  only  Open university of the State, Punjab in collaboration with Rotary Club, Patiala organized a tree plantation drive under the dynamic leadership of Vice-Chancellor,  Prof.  Karamjeet Singh, by planting more than 50 saplings on June 18, 2021. The drive was  conducted with the noble intent of increasing the green cover of the royal city. Over 50 volunteers took part in the well-orchestrated campaign which witnessed participation from employees of JGNDPSOU, Patiala, members of Rotary Club,  Patiala  along with  their  kith and kin. The volunteers planted saplings at designated spots in the university campus.

Underscoring the manifold benefits of  trees,  Dr. Manjeet Singh,  Professor,  Punjabi  said that it has become an urgent need of the hour to protect our environment against air pollution and global warming and health ailments. Trees are felled on the pretext of development or for brazenly commercial purposes. Stating a famous African proverb, Prof. Manjit, himself an environmentalist expressed his concern over humankind’s plundering and blundering ways  said “The axe forgets but the tree remembers”.

JGND Punjab State Open University organized ‘Plantation Drive’

Quoting from Guru Nanak Dev ji’s bani, Pawan guru pani pita, mata dharat mahat Dr. Karamjeet Singh, the vice chancellor, PSOU said Tree plantation is very important for the community and for conserving the environment. Initiatives of this sort go long way in inculcating awareness among the students about environment protection. Conveying the message that “every tree matters” is the only mantra for healthy and blissful life on  our troubled planet, he said that the onus is on us now. Hence, emphasinsing the need to breathe clean air as a panacea for all diseases, he pledged on the behalf of all that not only these trees have been planted but will be nurtured on the campus as well. He also resolved to use only  cloth bags and make PSOU campus a polythene free zone.

JGND Punjab State Open University organized ‘Plantation Drive’.The initiative also saw participation from other distinguished members of Rotary club.  H.S. Talwar, Secretary, Rotary Club, K.L.Kalra, Retd. DGM, SBOP and Dr. B.S. Sohal, Retd. an ENT specialist to mention a few. The Staff and faculty of the university supported the drive by planting the trees.

June 18,2021


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